Movies you thought you'd never see or music you thought you'd never hear

I’m a long time fan (since 1991) of Joey Wong Jyo Yin / Wang Tsu Hsien (A Chinese Ghost Story (1987 and to my knowledge have finally collected all of her movies.

The one I thought I’d never see* was Woman From Hong Kong (1991) [A Chinese Ghost Story (1987) - IMDb]
(A Chinese Ghost Story (1987) - IMDb). If figured I’d never find it because it’s from Japanese TV. But I’ve finally found it on a private torrent site!

*I haven’t gotten around to actually watching it. “It’s not the having, it’s the getting” - Garfield

I got into The Yardbirds in the late '70’s and it was gospel that the only footage with Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page was in Blow-Up, which was the first videocassette I got in 1981, partially because “The Yardbirds” were in it. I’d seen the movie a couple of times on TV before.

I was shocked when decades later I found some appearances from the duo on Youtube!

In 1984, ‘‘Men Without Hats’’ had a modest U.S. hit called ‘‘Pop Goes The World’’. This was the only 45 rpm record that I ever bought, on the correct suspicion that it was too light weight to ever get significant plays again on radio stations. Also, the Phil Spector produced, and purposely made unreleasible, “(Let’s Dance) The Screw”. Both are now easy to find on YouTube.

I spent years reading secondhand stories about the drama behind the making of certain records. With few exceptions (like the Let it Be film), these were just stories until YouTube. Now I can listen to a theological debate between Jerry Lee Lewis and Sam Phillips during the “Great Balls of Fire” session. Or Brian Wilson arguing with his drunk father during the “Help Me, Rhonda” session.

The Murray Wilson documentary answers some questions:

The Final Programme

[A piano four hands transcription of] the Dramatic Intermezzo from the lost 1868 version of Boito’s Mefistofele

A piano medley from the lost(?) operetta A Sea-change; or, Love’s Stowaway by William Dean Howells and George Henschel

I got into Cream in the late '70s (which lead to The Yardbirds and numerous other side searches) and throughout the 80’s through the early 2010’s, I read about, but could never find the live bootlegs mentioned in numerous sources. This site in particular frustrated me even more with the reviews of the numerous boots.

I found a few here and there, then somehow, somewhere (I honestly don’t remember where, but I think it was a Russian pirate site), I found everything!