Movies you've been putting off because of the hype

I still haven’t seen Inception. I actually got it from Netflix. I let it set by my TV for over four months before returning it, unwatched, because I couldn’t make myself interested enough to try it. The premise looks like it could be entertaining, but it isn’t something I’d ordinarily jump at the chance to see. Still, in four months, I’d probably have watched it, if not for all the recommendations.

Nearly a dozen people have told me that I absolutely must see it, that I’d love it, that it would instantly become one of my favorite movies ever. The Monday after it was released, my (then) office-mate, a real movie-buff, walked in and declares that he’s got a new favorite movie for the first time in over a decade. More recently, when I mentioned to my Aunt that I was returning Inception unwatched, she was astounded. I have to watch it. I’ll love it.

Everyone having told be I’ll love it has just set the bar way too high. If I were to watch the movie and just think it’s OK or even like it or like it a lot, it would still be a disappointment. No movie can stand up to all the expectation that the hype from well meaning fans has generated.

What movies have you been put off of by the hype?

Do I understand you correctly here:

What movies have I not watched because TOO many of my friends told me that I would enjoy it?

So if no-one had liked it I may have watched it?

Or if some unknown smaller percentage of people had liked it I could possibly have watched it?

Or if they had been really vague, “Meh?” I would have immediately watched it?

I love movies so probably none. If my friends figure I’ll like it I take their word for it, although they aren’t always right.

More or less this. Too many people have praised the movie too highly, which is what’s put me off.

Not necessarilly. As I said in my OP, Inception doesn’t sound like a movie I’d pick for myself which is part of why I’ve ignored so many people saying “You HAVE TO watch it.”

It isn’t simply that friends think I’ll like it, it’s that so many do and they think there’s no alternative besides me absolutely loving the movie. The general concept, called Hype Aversion, is explained here (warning, TV Tropes link.)

I get you now. You mean “Which movies that I wouldn’t have watched anyhow have I not watched despite people telling me it is a great movie.”

Very few. If someone knows me and thinks I would benefit from seeing a particular movie I usually give it a try.

Not entirely. I don’t think my question is limited to movies you would or wouldn’t have watched otherwise, just movies you haven’t watched (or delayed in watching) because of the hype.

Does advertising count? I was thinking of seeing 3-D Tintin except all the doggie product tie-ins, which were ubiquitous to the point of hype.

I think of it mostly as word-of-mouth, but then again, hype is hype.

The issue for me is that I can’t know this has happened until I’ve seen the movie. Until then I just know that a lot of people have praised it heavily.

Now sometimes I’ll be put off by how it is praised (“this movie will change your life,” "it’ll restore you sense of wonder and magic, “it’s really good, kind of like Jackass” etc.) but generally I’m not put off just because a lot of people like it.

That said, I do have the failing of when I don’t particularly care for a movie that has a lot of praise I will sometimes overcompensate towards hatred for the movie in a futile attempt to counterbalance the, as perceived by me, overhype. In truth I’m mildly disdainful of Chicago and Forrest Gump, but they were so acclaimed that I feel obligated to hate them.

I’ve never not watched a movie just beceause too many people recomended it. Seems like a silly reason not to watch something, to me.

Plenty of movies just flat out havent lived up to the hype though. The Hulk with Eric Bana was the worst offender in that regard. Or maybe the star wars prequels. Blech.

Well in that case, I have never watched The Blair Witch Project or any of the latter day crap from M. Night Shyamalan.

I still refuse to watch a single Star Wars movie because I am sick of everyone and their brother trying to shove the movies and how much I “need” to watch them down my throat. It’s completely soured me on the very idea of watching them. People just freak out at me the minute they hear I haven’t seen them, and then continue to do so at various times in the future, and I resent it.

Harry Potter (movies and books.)

They might well be good, but being just outside the initial intended age range (for the first few books, at least, once they became super popular I’m guessing they weren’t written just for ‘young adults,’) I didn’t read them when they were released, and then the first movie came out at the same time as the first Lord of the Rings, IIRC, and I watched that instead and was like,
“Pfft, this shit is HEAVY. There’s all sorts of death, and the whole world is at stake, etc… Harry Potter is just a silly boy with a wand, nothing big about it” and from what I understand the latter movies/books deal with some pretty heavy issues themselves.

And so now I keep avoiding them because for so long I made fun of them and I can’t reneg on myself…besides, I was forced to watch most of one of the movies by my ex-girlfriend, the biggest Harry Potter freak ever, and even if it was good, I stopped myself from enjoying it by continually pointing out flaws and such…I think it was Goblet of Fire (the one with the tri-wizard tournament that winds up with four wizards for some reason? And no one could tell me why Harry, who was essentially chosen by accident, couldn’t just not partake. It would have been better all-around, near as I can tell…Voldemort would still be dead, and the Twilight kid would still be alive.)

I still haven’t seen The Godfather. Yeah, I know, I HAVE to.

Same here.

None currently, but historically, I did this all the time. Most prominently, I put off seeing Forrest Gump for several years because I was so damn tired of hearing about it. My line of thinking was, if I don’t see it, then I won’t have to talk about it. I finally watched it, quietly, by myself one night, long after all the people saying “Jennay!” in idiot voices had stopped. It was okay, but not worth the hype.

I always thought that “hype” was short for “hyperbole.” So I don’t consider favorable comments from friends I trust to be hype. I consider PR and promotion to be hype.

So by that definition, I’d say the Sherlock Holmes movies. If I hadn’t known anything about them, I would have wanted to see them, because I liked the stories as a kid (heh, as a kid, I especially liked it when the main characters were always “ejaculating” about something).

But seeing the trailers, they look more like Indiana Jones than Sherlock Holmes, so I have no interest in seeing them. If they had been titled and sold as escapist adventure movies, I might have been interested, but don’t make an escapist adventure movie and then call it “Sherlock Holmes.”

I put off watching Princess Bride for years because of this kind of thing. I was a teenage geek girl when it came out, prime target audience, and all the popular girls were all, “OMG it is the BEST MOVIE EVER!!!” (only they didn’t say OMG because it hadn’t been invented yet in those days. But that was the spirit of it.) I thought, how good COULD it be, given that I’d seen other movies that were THE BEST MOVIE EVAR and read books that were THE BEST BOOK EVAR that were unmitigated crap. Turns out in this case they were right. Who knew?

These days I’m put off seeing movies recommended by women over 50 who tout them by saying, “You have to see it, it is SUCH a good movie.” That phrase is barely disguised code for “One of the main characters dies sappily at the end.” I figure, the plot’s already semi-spoiled for me, and I hate glurge, so why bother?

Anything in 3-D.

Seriously, I have never seen a 3-D movie. Especially Avatar. I strongly suspect that waaaaay too much “Look - it’s in 3-D! Amazing!” hype often covers up an otherwise stupid movie.


Way too hyped, spawned that “King of the world” crap that everyone has to say when they’re in a boat, had that annoying song that was everywhere for years, made a buttload of dough, none of it from me.

Assuming your over 30 or in the neighborhood, I wouldn’t make it a priority. It’s kind of like what somebody around here said about being gay: if you haven’t gotten around to it by now, you probably won’t like it.

ETA: I haven’t seen *Avatar *or Inception. No plans to see either, really. If somebody else wanted to watch them, I’d be OK with that, but chances are that anyone who has wanted to see them already has, so that’s probably moot.