Moving advice needed..

As many of you are aware, Mr. Kitty and I will be moving into the Palacial Estate[sup]tm[/sup] in the next couple of weeks. Problem is, only half of the Estate is complete. We’ll be working on the other half after moving in (in case you haven’t kept up with the story, we sold our current house in two days. Not expecting that to happen, we perhaps put it on the market a little earlier than necessary).

This is annoying, but do-able. We have our own built-in warehouse (the 960 sq foot garage), and we have a bathroom, bedroom, and electricity so we can cook. Here’s the problem. Most of our possessions will, obviously, be boxed up for about 2-3 months. The garage is waterproof, but obviously not the ideal storage situation. I’m especially worried about creepy-crawlies. So, oh wise ones… how do we keep our stuff infestation-free? Load up on mothballs (ugh… and then have to deal with getting that smell out of everything)? Forgo cardboard boxes and stock up on the plastic containers? (expensive, and obviously not gonna work for furniture and such) Shrink-wrap everything?

Thoughts? Experiences? Volunteers to help us move? [sub]we supply the beer[/sub]



Two words: Space Bags!

This page and this page suggest some herbs which can be used to repell bugs. I’ve heard that scattering mint along any openings will also keep most bugs away.

that stretchy cling wrap that they use on pallets works pretty good at keeping the creepy-crawlys out. i get it from work, but you can probably find it somewhere available for retail purchase. also, rubbermain tubs with lids that seal are pretty good. home depot has those clear boxes with hinged lids that work fair, and they are pretty cheap.

looks like its gonna be a real nice place, but how do you get by with such a tiny garage? i’ve about got my 2400 sq ft packed to the roof!:wink: