moving file names to an excell file

Anyone know how to move file names to an excell file with windows 98.
I’ve just been doing a slow double click, then copy, then move to excell file, then to cell, then paste, and then over and over and over again.

Is there a better way?

You can easily dump file names to a text file, which you can then open in Excel.

Click Start, click Run, and type Command, and click OK. This will give you a command window. Navigate to the directory where you files live using the “CD” command. For example, to change to a directory called “MyFiles”, type:


and hit return.

Once you’re where you need to be, copy the file names to a file with the following command:

dir . >> filenames.txt

That will create a text file called “filenames.txt” that includes all the files in the directory. You can then open that file in Excel and voila, file names!

Sorry I didn’t respond right away!

Your guidance in this matter was very useful.

Thank you.

Sometimes I find this Browser trick useful for copying file information:

There’s a menu extension called DMEX that will do what you want using the clipboard.

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