Mozilla and Dual Boot

I’ve migrated to Mozilla from IE and would like to do a Linux/XP Dualboot on my laptop. Is it possible to store my XP cookies, bookmarks, and passwords from Mozilla on a different partion than the Mozilla ap is on then access that partion from the Linux verson? I already have a Fat32 partiton I was going to use for sharing.

Also can I move my memorized passwords from the desktop to the laptop so I don’t have to keep looking them up

Well if what you are asking is: Can I have a dual boot system, with Mozilla on Linux and IE on XP, and share my XP cookies, bookmarks, and etc. with the Linux system? Yes - you can mount the NTFS file system from your linux system and access all the shares/folders of the FAT32 system. How do you do it? Use the mount command and do some reading. Very straight forward.

The second part, though, about moving memorized passwords from the desktop to the laptop - do you mean - “Do you want Windows to remember this password?” You mean that dialogue? Or something else? If that is the case, no, you can’t.

Let me rephrase my question based on the answers you gave me

Second part first.

I have Mozilla remembering passwords for various websites. I want the user id and password list that Mozilla uses to be on the laptop as well.

First part.

I don’t know where on the XP system, Mozilla keeps my prefences so I know where to tell Mozilla on Linux to look for my prefrences (bookmarks, saves website passwords, etc)

Check the forums at They have covered this to death.

Whoops, got your first part for you. In your “Documents & Settings/Your Account Name/Application Data/” then either Phoenix/Mozilla/Firefox depending on what version of the program you’re using.

Check for the second part. There may be issues sharing your profile between mozilla builds for different platforms.