Mozilla Firefox: enabling automatic redirection

“Automatic redirection to your files appears to have failed.”

This is not an issue with IE 6.0, but I’d like to solve get it to work with the Firefox browser. Can anyone help? Thanks.

Can you give us a little more information about the scenario leading to this message?

I’ve had Firefox or Opera, can’t remember which, warn me that the site had redirected me too many times, but redirection that doesn’t involve a runaway loop works.

Until we have more information, though, the times I’ve had problems with redirection it has been tied to cookies used to track logins or authentication.

Edit > Preferences pulls up a window. In that window, choose the Privacy tab on the left side. Toward the middle of the window is a button called “Stored Cookies”. Either remove all cookies or find the ones that belong to the snarky site and remove them specifically.

This isn’t a sure thing. This is just past experience.

I can’t tell which version of Firefox it is except that it says “the browser, reloaded version 1.0 Preview Release.”

The site I can successfully access from IE 6.0 but not Firefox is the school’s server to which users upload and store files.

And the privacy options for Firefox are in Tools/Options/Privacy. But, being a simplified browser, the only thing you can do with cookies is specify which sites use or don’t use them.

Redirection of web pages means that when you try to open a particular web page, the server sends you some HTTP headers that tell your browser to instead go get a different page. Firefox hadles that just fine. We need more information than what you’ve given us.

You might want to get the Live HTTP Headers extension for Firefox - it shows you those headers that should redirect you. You could then post the results you see if you can’t figure it out.

My school has a network server, and on computers around campus users can can log on and share or backup files on the Z: drive.

This applies only to the computers in the labs and classrooms. From the computer in my room, I don’t know how to access the Z: drive except through the Web. Even though this replicates a standard Windows “window” with icons representing files that you can drag in and out, it’s still more tedious than *actually *logging on to the server.

But that’s not my issue here. Accessing the Z: drive from [with “school” replacing the actual name] is fine with Internet Explorer. With Opera or Firefox, the error message is

Users that are already logged into the domain should use their Z: drive to access their files. Automatic redirection to your files appears to have failed. click here to be directed to your files.* *Note: You will need to login two more times to reach your files.

This error message only appears after the first log in attempt after opening the browser. Attempts thereafter end in "This page could not be found. Ad clicking “here” does nothing.

I did download and install Live HTTP Headers but can’t seem to figure out how to get it to generate anything.

Sounds like an IE specific feature to me. Firefox does not have the same level of integration with the underlying OS. In fact, it has been designed to be nothing but a web-browser. Opera is similar in that regard, I believe.