Mozilla Thunderbird question

When I receive an email, sometime the header does not give me the “To” information. I am trying to find out if some emails are being sent to me or to a list, or to a number of addresses.

From this person I have received headers like this:

To: (my email)
To: (my email) (email1) (email2) (etc)

and sometimes there is no “To” header displayed.
when i choose to display “full/all” headers, it tells me under “x-apparently to:” that it is sent to me, but it says the same thing even when the normal “to” header shows multiple addresses.

I hope this is coherent. anyone know the answer?

A couple of quick questions:

  1. What build/version of Thunderbird?

  2. Are the e-mails all from the same sender?

It sounds a bit like mailing list behaviour to me.

thunderbird 0.9

all from the same sender, who is an actual person

Can noone help me?


Has anyone else had this problem/issue? I think the same thing use to happen in Eudora, but I’m not sure.

Are they possibly using BCC: instead of To to send stuff to you?

Just a thought. I use BCC to large lists if I don’t trust some of the people (read: less than technical family members) to not hit “reply all” with something inane.

You won’t have a To: entry in the header if the recipients are all BCC:ed. I just tried.

They’ve got a version 1.0 now. Maybe upgrading will help?