MP3 player with TV tuner

Does anyone know of an MP3 player that has the ability to receive the new digital TV signal.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

It’s unlikely you’ll find one. The reason is basically digital TV is vastly different from analog in the sense it uses PSIP

PSIP allows TV stations to have virtual channels as well as provide program guide info etc.

So while it used to be quite easy to have TV signals channels 2 -13 VHF and put them on tape recorders and such. Now it is not.

First of all the low VHF (Ch 2 -6) are really bad for digital TV. Upper VHF (Ch 7 - 13) while better has proven to be a real issue in big cities as the signal doesn’t penetrate buildings well.

So to put a TV tuner on an mp3 player you’d have to first put a tuner that not only picks up VHF channels 2 -13 but UHF channels 14 - 51 (Channels 51 - 69 were taken away from TV and given to other things like cell phones).

So in order to get WGN-TV in Chicago, you would have to be able to get UHF channel 19 and then have it convert through PSIP to virtual channel 9.

Now technically speaking this is 100% do-able. But it would cost quite a lot to do now. So it’s unlikely you’ll find an mp3 player.

Right now TV is working on a new standard called Mobile TV which will allow for small TVs. Digital TV also has a problem locking in on a signal in a moving vechicle for instance.

I would go to the AVS Forums and weed through the threads there. I’m sure someone somewhere makes a device that will do something similar to what you want, but I bet if you find it, it’ll cost a bit

I think you’d be more likely to find those phones that have TV capabilities. They seem to stream the content over the cellular network.

Thanks, Markxxx for the explanation. Having that info as data proves that I at least looked for one (present for my mother-in-law) and didn’t just say, “Screw it, I can’t find one.”