MP3 players with good fast forward

Does anybody know of any MP3 players with good fast forward? I have a kinda old SanDisk that’s really slow to fast forward. I listen to hour-ish podcasts when I’m going to sleep and I always end up having to find my place through fast forwarding. Which, with my SanDisk can take up to about, oh 3 minutes or so (ok maybe it just feels like 3 minutes) to get to the 30 minute mark of a program. Anybody have ideas for this type of FFWD or am I just too impatient for my own good?

Dude, I hear you on the slow fast-fowards.I was turned onto the Sansa Clip by someone else here, and it’s the best MP3 player I’ve ever used. It’s small, solid-state memory, great battery life and fast-forwards like a pro (it starts slow, then accelerates up quickly depending on how long you hold it down – makes getting through podcasts a breeze)!

It’s available in 2gb and 4gb models now, I believe, and the price is pretty damn reasonable to boot. Plus, according to reviews, it’s one of the best sounding MP3 players around.

Cool! I’ll check it out.

Just wanted to say that I got the Sansa Clip and it’s awesome. Not only does it have the good fast forward, it also has a sleep mode, so I can listen when going to bed and not have to worry about it running all night long. I set it for 20 mins and I’m good to go to sleep.

Thanks Red Barchetta!

No worries (and I owe my thanks to the Doper who suggested it to me!) It’s weird, I was actually just thinking about this thread a few days ago, wondering which one you decided on. I’m glad it worked out for you! And yes, it is awesome! :slight_smile:

I just checked my ipod nano and was able to forward through a 5 minute song in about 3 seconds. Seems like a better deal than your Sansa.

eta: whoops, didn’t notice the date of the OP at first.

I can’t imagine how that isn’t too fast.

Actually, it’s very easy to control and backtrack. You hit the center button twice and spin your finger around the click wheel, basically taking you to whatever spot in a track you want within a few spins (took 4 spins to get through an 8-minute track). To back-up you just reverse direction. I quite like it.

Ahh, that’s right – yeah, I suppose that isn’t too shabby. But it’s also 3-4 times the cost of the clip.

Yeah I didn’t bother to google the clip at first. I doubt the ipod mini would have any comparable function. The clip looks like a pretty nice unit, it’s just that the controls look so darned small. Any problems using them?

surprisingly, no.

I didn’t realize it would be that small, but it works really well. No problems at all, and I have relatively fat and clumsy fingers.