Mp3 Suite - anyone using it (and willing to help me?)


I have been looking for a good MP3 store for some time. Recently, I come across MP3 Suite but the crazy thing is that you have to pay first before you can even search for the songs you want. Nothing screams scam as loud as this.

Anyone tried this service before? And anyone willing to help me if there are songs by 4Him or the Second Chapter of Acts - I really just looking for those. (And if Amazon allows people outside of US to access their MP3 store, I would have gotten it from there).

And is the site legal?

I haven’t used it, but I would be highly suspicious of it. Apparently, they don’t host music on their own servers, but are a gateway to P2P software sites and you could be downloading copyrighted material for which appropriate fees haven’t been paid. Here is a page that explains the minuses of MP3 Suite.

I can’t advise you on whether it’s legal, not being a lawyer. P2P software is not illegal in and of itself in the U.S., but improper downloading of copyrighted material is. It’s your decision to take on the risks of using it, but personally, I would consider it a ripoff of 35 bucks.