mp3/wav manipulation help needed

Can someone recommend a good program for taking mp3’s and wav files and breaking them up into smaller files?
My preference would be in shareware so I don’t spend a fortune, but if the recommendation was strong enough I’d consider paying full price.

Chris W

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You can’t go wrong with Sound Forge, from Sonic Foundry. But it is expensive, so if you’re just messing around it may not be worth it.

Hmm, looking at their site, I see they have a cheaper version:

Hope this helps.

Check out Audiograbber (avail. on

It does MP3 to WAV and back. It’s also got a lot of little features that can help you achieve what you want. I think you can make samples out of just parts of songs.

Be sure to get the LAME mp3 codec (“lame” is its name!) to help you with the mp3 part.

But I agree, soundforge is the standard. Just expensive.

There are many programs that will do this. I use GoldWave (shareware) and CoolEdit 2000 (30-day trial last time I looked).

For Macs, I recommend the full version of Audion, which is ~$30. It’s very easy to learn. I have used it many times to delete parts out of mp3s and separate tracks from the same mp3 file.

Audion can be downloaded here:

Sound Engine is a pretty good .wav editor–I use it for audio track syncing and whatnot with .avi and .rm files. It can probably do what you want. The url is It’s also free.

I can’t remember whether it handles mp3’s or not. For that, I’d just use LAME, another free program. It only works on command line, so it might not be your cup of tea.

Actually, there’s a freeware windows GUI front-end called Razorlame that’s very handy.

I don’t have any suggestions for good freeware audio editors, however. Most of the ones I’ve used have been shareware. Cool Edit is my favourite. If you just want to do a little trimming, you can try MP3Trim & WAVTrim

The ‘Wave Studio’ software that came free with my Soundblaster card seems to do everything I want, and didn’t cost me anything, strictly speaking. For all I know it may be available at little or no charge somewhere on the web.

CDex is freely available fior download and very useful.