Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Affleck

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are married and she is expecting a baby. Cite:
Wow, between the Brad and Jen split and this story are tabloids becoming more reliable? Anyone think that they’ll pull a Scully on Alias: have Sydney adbducted and found comatosed?

You know what?

Good for them. I hope it lasts. After that whole Bennifer fiasco, Affleck, who has always seemed like a genuinely nice enough guy, deserves some happiness*. They’ve kept a low profile, which as someone who hates celebrity gossip, but keeps an open ear to entertainment news so can’t avoid it, I really respect that.

*That’s penance enough for both of them, even considering that between them they have Pearl Harbor, Gigli, Daredevil, 13 Going on Thirty, and Elektra. He was the bomb in Phantoms, however.

13 going on 30 wasn’t a bomb, but everything else listed could devastate Japan all over again.
And I’ve always thought him a decent stiff with fair acting. Her, I like alot, too.

I wonder what name they will give their child.

Well, in the last moment of the season finale, Sydney and Vaughn were in a car accident, so I’d say that’s a distinct possibility.

As a fan of both of them, I wish them well also. Of course there’s no way to know this for sure, but they both seem like nice people. I could imagine having a beer with Affleck. They certainly make an attractive couple.

I just wish Garner had met him before he got involved with J.Lo. I’m not thrilled about my Sydney getting that skank’s sloppy seconds. :wink:

I’m happy for them. They seem like nice people. Also, I think 13 Going On 30 is a fun little movie, not a stinker at all.

Mostly I wanted to thank you, because clicking on that link led me to this story about Karla Homolka going free. I hadn’t realized the time was so close. She wants to move to Chicago!!?? Please Canada, keep her! We don’t want the monster.
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This is bugging me. Her name isn’t Mrs. Benjamin Affleck. It’s Mrs. Jennifer Garner, or possibly (but doubtful) Mrs. Jennifer Affleck. I doubt she changed her first name to Ben.

Carry on. (Sorry; it’s a real peeve of mine).

Well, I hope it lasts. At least it wasn’t as horrendous as Bennifer I. I really like Jennifer Garner, even though her recent movies coughElektracough kind of sucked, except “13 Going On 30” which was entertaining. As for Mr. Affleck, he seems okay. From what I’ve seen, they seem very much in love. Thank goodness it was confirmed by their representatives because we all know what happens when stories about celebrities uncomfired by publicists run wild.

I hate to tell you think but technically, it IS Mrs. Benjamin Affleck. According to Emily Post and other folks in the know, you only call a woman Mrs. and her first name if she’s divorced or widowed.

That said, I like Jennifer Garner’s work but I’m not all that confident about the success of their marriage. It seems that Ms. Garner has a penchant for hooking up with her co-stars (Scott Foley, Michael Vartan, Ben Affleck), and Mr. Affleck likes gambling and strip clubs. Ah well, I wish them the best.

Do yjey know who’s the father? :confused:

Sorry, but I consider this an outdated rule that has no place in the modern world. Garner is neither owned nor subjugated by her new husband. There is absolutely no reason to disregard the fact that she has her own name. He is not the most important person in their relationship.*

Oh, and I give it two years. I think she’ll jump ship with the next co-star, or she’ll get tired of his vices.

*OK, maybe it’s more than a peeve. I won’t even answer someone who calls me Mrs. [Husband’s Name].

And since when are you the final arbiter of such things?

It is up to the woman, isn’t it? And if she wants to be referred to as Mrs. Benjamin Affleck, who are you to contradict her?

You’re right of course, RealityChuck. I’m not the final arbiter of anything. It’s just something that sticks in my craw, so I tend to see red when I see it.

Carry on. No more hijacking from me.

Me neither. Didn’t change my name. And feel free to call me Miss or Ms. I never signed on for this Mrs. crap.