Mr. Bartlet you sir are a douche!

We may have to wait six days to find out.

Bad day in traffic court, eh?

Couldn’t get him out, Mrs. Bartlett?

The defense must be thinking “Oh fuck…”. This is clearly Hangin’ Judge Perry. Even Cousin Vinnie only got one night at a time.

Cute-ish guy in a slacker sort of way. Maybe they’ll have footage of his shower or something online.

Personally, I know that if I were on the jury, the outside knowledge that some random asshat didn’t think highly of one of the attorneys would weigh heavily on my mind as I considered the facts of the case. “Well,” I’d think, “the evidence and witness testimony seem to clearly point toward guilt, and after all due consideration of the arguments presented by the defense, I can’t say I’m left with any reasonable doubt. But wait…that guy in the courtroom…he…didn’t like the prosecutor! Disliked him enough, in fact, to extend a raised digit in his general direction! Just think of the implications — who’s ever heard of a citizen disliking a public official, and an attorney at that? Clearly, this man must have committed some heinous offense against the public trust. Why, he’s probably using this poor girl as a sacrificial lamb in this latest attempt to quench his unbridled thirst for power and influence! But have no fear; I’ll not be an unwitting pawn in his game. Not Guilty it is!”

That, or I’d figure that some fucknut thought it’d be funny to flip the bird in court. Yeah, better just shoot him now. Six days in jail and nationwide public humiliation over a fucking finger? I know His Honor couldn’t let such an egregious flouting of his power over his fiefdom pass unchallenged, but I sure hope he didn’t ruin this poor stupid kid’s life.

Fine the idiot and kick him out, or haul him off overnight if you must, same as you do for drunk in public or any other display of harmless but unacceptable dumbassery-at-large.

Six days in jail and a media-guaranteed hanging in the court of public opinion? Whoever thinks this is warranted, I hope media outlets worldwide broadcast you getting reamed for the stupidest thing you did in your mid-20s, accompanied by a statement of all your personal information. Hey, maybe we could make it into a new Dateline segment. Jesus.

Somehow, despite all the drugs and poor judgement and piss and vinegar, I escaped my callow twenties without attempting to derail an ultra-high profile murder trial. Maybe I was just lucky, but I like to think I earned my freedom.

Oxygen is an outside influence on the trial. Ditto for food and water.

21st Century America needs obscene gestures of disrespect!

For God’s sake, all the kid did was engage in a little harmless public disruption and fun-lovin’ contempt of court in a capital murder case in which the death penalty is being sought. Geez, this judge must have no sense of humor about such things.

And the WBC comes to funerals of soldiers to peddle shit to intentionally piss people off. What does not respecting the gravity of the situation have to do with it?

Anyways, seeing as this whole thing involves the government being allowed to take people off the street, and remove their access to information, then spoonfeed them only certain information coming only from the two most extreme ends of the argument, and then are required to try to figure out the truth, which will then be used to decide whether to kill a man–this guy’s little indiscretion seems like the least of anyone’s problems.

Yeah, I don’t have a lot of respect for the justice system of the U.S. The more I learn about it, the more distasteful I find it. I guess it sorta works, but it is not something I would want to have to participate in.

Fortunately, I’m not in a court room, so I am allowed to voice my distaste without fearing imprisonment.

Sarcasm acknowledged. Now, to the point I surmise you’re making…again, this guy’s major crime was stupidly picking the wrong venue in which to display his stupidity. I don’t see anyone arguing that he isn’t an idiot, nor that he picked exactly the wrong place to make a spectacle of himself. The question, then, is whether one moronic decision is suitable grounds for the reasonable people involved — such as the one whose entire profession revolves around impartial rationality — to publicly torpedo this poor fool’s credibility beyond all repair.

The thrust of my own rhetoric was to point out that all of us* have made poor decisions in our lives, and while it’s everyone’s responsibility to accept the consequences of our own decisions, there’s no call for this level of retribution over one ultimately harmless gesture. (And it was harmless; the trial was only “derailed” over a goddamned middle finger to the extent that a federal case — no pun intended — was made of the fucking thing.) I mean, I haven’t done anything as dumb as this guy, either…but I’d argue that my worst move, and yours, are well within the same order of magnitude as an inopportune gesture, save for the compounding factor of circumstantial public attention. Is that misjudgment enough to warrant what was done? I suppose reasonable people can disagree, but I don’t think so. As I said, I’d treat it the same as any other ultimately meaningless stupidity-based infraction, and get on with the far more important business at hand.

*To the poster who’s about to pop in and claim a perfectly angelic track record, yes, I’m sure that’s true…so just think of the multitudes of us pathetic sots over whom you flaunt your moral superiority, and know that they, not you, are the ones I’m talking to.

Eh…y’know what, that’s bullshit. I still have time to edit it out, but I won’t. That last post was an attempt at rationalizing an emotional response, and I’ll leave it there as a reminder to myself not to do that. I still feel that the punishment in this case was excessive, but “everyone else does it, so it’s okay” is a stupid-ass argument, and I apologize for making it.

Instead, I stand by my original sarcasm. :smiley: I don’t think this guy’s actions affected the jurors one bit — or if they did, then said jurors are so dimwitted as to render their judgment arbitrary anyway — and so the whole thing was ludicrously overblown. I also think public humiliation is unwarranted in the vast majority of nonviolent situations, and this guy didn’t deserve to receive his punishment in that manner. But, the fact that we’re all morons to some extent doesn’t make that fact okay, nor does it excuse anyone from their own behavior.

Yepper. Six days seems right to me. It’s not likely to cause someone to lose their job or to damage relationships (romantic, or to children, or social.) It’s short enough that the guy can count off the days on one hand (so to speak), it’s long enough to discourage copy cats in this trial or similar trials.

Yeah, the Birdman got a harsh sentence for something that he did in a rather fast and concealed manner. Judge Perry tolerates no nonsense in his court. I’ll bet this scared the crap out of Casey, 'cause if you get 6 days for shooting a bird, what will you likely get for what she did to her kid.

I doubt a single bird could sway a jury to the point that a mistrial was declared. Hell, George wiped his hands in front of the jury when leaving the stand, and that didn’t raise an eyebrow. That to me was more of a violation than the bird was.

Which has been the case in at least one other high profile, nationally televised murder trial.

(I think I’m agreeing with your point.)


So is Birdman currently behind bars or did they process and then release him until his appeal? I was trying to figure how he could appeal a sentence he’s already served, unless the appeal is only for the fines.

Are we dopers so old that a 28 yo is now a kid? And get off my lawn!

I’m 27 years old and I would’ve referred to the flipper as a kid. I assumed he was 18 until I found out his age afterwards. And I’m glad Judge Perry gave him the smackdown - Judge Perry has gone way out of his way to prevent a mistrial or appeal in this case. With fistfights breaking out, people yelling out “she murdered someone” in the courtroom during jury selection, and the whole media circus around this case, it was time to make an example out of someone. They had signs posted outside the courtroom, bailiffs repeatedly reminded people not to make any gestures, yet this dipshit did it anyways. I gauran-damn-tee it won’t happen again.

He was taken into custody immediately. A motion to stay the sentence for the appeal was quickly dismissed. Apparently he’ll be in jail for his birthday. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, at least he’ll have some cool stories to share with the other waitstaff now.

Then again, there may be a bit of this:

“Hi, and welcome to Friday’s! My name is Matt, and I’ll be taking care of you tonight! Can I start you off with some appetizers, maybe some Crispy Green Bean Fries or our Tuscan Spinach Dip?”

“Hey, you look familiar… ain’t you that dummy who shot a bird?”

Hmm. From that article:

Girlfriend, but not wife. Ladies, sounds like this charmer is still single if you wanna grab him!