Mr Bus Guy is now....

Man With a Cat

Buses being not so much me, as a way of making money.

cats, on the other hand, have been in my life forever.

I always have a cat, and generally a much cooler cat than the norm.

Still me, just a new name.

I was worried you switched jobs. And I’d hate that. You’ve been one of the best sources for “crazy whacked out my snowflake is so special” stories.

So…you’re this guy? Quite the promotion! :smiley:

He actually did, very recently.
And Cuervo is much, much cooler than that cat :slight_smile:

So what do we call you for short now? Man? Cat? CatMan?

Good call on the name change. :slight_smile:

I did, and while I will remain the expert on bus stuff, I thought it was a good opportunity to re-identify myself.

And as Nava said, Cuervo is the coolest of cats.