Mr. Evil Breakfast is served. Pit style.

Normally I don’t do this. In fact, I think I’ve never pitted a poster before.

In the “Would you support lowering the drinking age to 18” thread in IMHO, this moron spewed his prejudiced “opinions” like:

When called on these bigoted statements by myself and one or two other posters, he responded:

Sir, you are a moron. You are prejudiced against teenagers, and your position in indefensible. Many valuable posters to these boards are teenagers, and I don’t believe your statements apply to them. I imagine they would take issue with them as well.

Change your attitude, or I don’t forsee a long tenure for you at these boards.

One prejudice I have consistently found on the boards, which are usually so good about stuff like this, is discrimination against teenagers.

It usually makes me so angry that I just try to avoid it at this point.

Being not all that far from an 18 year old (man… 5 years ago… maybe I am getting old), I can also say that I absolutely hated it when people assumed that just because of my age I was just like the ignorant, self-important assholes who happened to share the same birth-year as me.

[junior mod hat on]

Garfield226, while you’re busy ranting about other people’s poor conduct, you may wish to check with the sig police about your rather glaring violation of board guidelines.

[junior mod hat off]

What’s wrong with my sig?

I think it’s too long. Limit is either 3 or 4 lines, can’t remember which.

A. What’s an average sized monitor?

B. 19" (I think) 1280 x 1024, and it’s only three lines on mine, certainly not “more than 4.”

C. I have not asked by a staff memeber to change it.

If one does, I certainly will.

Keep your “junior mod” BS to yourself or report me to a mod.

(directed at Zenster and not TMWTGG)


I suppose irony is lost upon someone like you. So be it.

Huh. I still only see three lines on my 17" monitor. How many are showing on yours, Zenster? And if the number of lines are not the problem, what is?

I have a 15" monitor, and it’s three lines!

Take a chill pill, man!

On a 17" Samsung monitor, 1152x864 resolution, it’s barely three lines. Only the last three words wrap over to the third line.

And stereotyping by age is total crap.

It’s about 4 lines for me on a 800x600.

Hijack much?

Backpedal a go go.

Not for nothing, but what is with the “Jr Modding”? I mean really- if you want to be a mod, apply for the job. Otherwise report posts when you need to or MYOB. Talk about looking like a silly tattletale.

Zenster, you were told to drop your little “junior mod” schtick here, a mere 3 weeks ago. You were also advised to use the “Report this post to a moderator” button henceforth.

Yet, you don’t seem to be able to follow that simple request.

In addition, I found a respectable amount of warnings for hostilities outside the Pit with your name on it in our archives, including one sent per e-mail by UncleBeer.

The staff will be discussing your posting privileges.

Garfield226, your sig is just fine. Carry on.

This is irony, no?


regarding the OP: I agree about the teen bashing. It’s easy to fall into that “young people these days” mode, but people have to remember to look at cases individually, not lump people together as a group and judge them. We have so many fine teenaged posters here that prove that teens are not the way Mr. Evil thinks they are.

The government considers 18 year olds mature enough to marry, die for their country, enter into contracts, but not mature enough to drink.

Go figure.