Mr. Larrigan, where art thou?

Where’s my favourite Paddy? I miss the guy! Always one for a good oneliner, always one to know a bit about good beer and football…

So what gives? Johnny Larrigan, report for duty :smiley:

Defect borg:
“Refutile is sistance. Your ass will be simulated”.

WallyM7 on Coldfire:
"Yeah, he knows a little about everything because they have a good prison library."

I think he has been making his presence felt over on Opal’s board, but I am blanking on his name there. Something like TPFKAJL.

Well, honey just tastes better when it comes from a bear’s head.

The board has been noticably devoid of tributes to Guinness lately…

What, he gets fantastic suggestions for usernames and takes them elsewhere? That’s gratitude…

“I go on guilt trips a couple of time a year. Mom books them for me.” A custom made Wally .sig!

My iguana's sick.
He's all floppy. Could he have
Reptile dysfunction?
                  -Chef Troy, Haiku Master

Yeah, over there he’s The Poster Formerly Known As John Larrigan.