Mr. Magee, don't make me angry...

Mr. Magee, don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

This is a great line from the Incredible Hulk. I first heard in the TV series from the 80s. The movie paid homage to it. Was it a common tag line in the comics, or was it first popular in the TV show?

It first appeared on TV.

There were several oblique references to it in the comic over the years.

I just saw the movie yesterday. IT ROCKED once I had got over the fact that it wasn’t going to be the smashfest I’d planned on

I am now a Hulk fan. Even if he is a bit mopey.

Sorry, what was the question. Ah, Mr Magee. I don’t know. This film was my first contact with the Hulk, save the distant memories of the TV series, but given the radical difference between the movie’s backstory and that of the tv show, I imagine quite a lot of it gets reinvented on the spot when other media get involved. I daresay there could have been a place for Magee in the strip, like whoever that arsehole is who keeps wanting pictures of Spidey being bad. On the other hand his role in the tv series was to provide a certain stability and continuity to what was essentially “The Fugitive” with green skin. I don’t know that comic strips would take the episodic, fugitive-style, “gotta keep movin’ on” approach to the character, but that doesn’t mean Magee wasn’t around before the TV.

Answer: dunno. Hulk not care. HULK SMASH.

The character’s name was actually “McGee”. I suspect actor Jack Colvin has people say “Don’t make me angry” to him all the time.

Mr. Magoo, though, really knows how to piss people off.

“T’ain’t funny, McGee . . .”

J.J. Jameson?