Mr Michelle Kwan for Gov of RI

Clay Pell is apparently running for RI governor! They’ll have the most beautiful 1st Lady in the nation!

She’s no Sandra Lee, that’s for sure.

While Michelle Kwan Pell’s good looks are adorable indeed, I’d have to say that this is damning her with faint praise. Most states’ first ladies are pleasant looking middle aged women, not former Olympic figure skaters.

Most political wives are at least pleasant-looking; at most levels above small town offices, it’s an essential part of the electable package. The wife has to be (1) present (2) largely silent (3) at least ordinarily attractive and (4) have no political liabilities.

Political wives who are above-average on point (3) often become a fail on point (4), at or after the election. A glam wife can’t go buy new drapes without the voters noticing and bitching; a more ordinary-looking woman can.

Political husbands seem to need only qualify on point (4).

She’s no Sandra Dee, that’s for sure