Mr. Microphone for grown-ups?

I’m going to be running a trivia night at a local restaurant. I’d like to have something that will amplify my voice so that I don’t have to shou— er … project all evening. Nothing fancy, just a mike and a speaker, preferably cheap. I don’t really care about sound quality, as I won’t be singing. I just want to be audible and comprehensible.

Does anyone know of such a product?

you might look to rent from an audio/visual store a lectern PA. various electronics stores might have small inexpensive PA amplifier/speakers with a wireless microphone though they may not work well enough as loud as you might need it.

The Fender Passport might be overkill for your needs, but it is a very capable PA that folds up into a totable package. You can probably rent one for a day for about $100, or buy one outright for under $400.

Having used these little beasties, I can advise buying a mic with a “professional” XLR cable - the amp just seems to run louder with a pro mic instead of one with a 1/4" plug. As a side benefit - XLR stuff tends to be more durable in the long run.

OK, good info. Thank you both.

As I’m going to be doing this every week, I was sorta hoping to buy something. For under $50. Is that a laughable goal?

Like I said, I just want to be heard from 25 feet away; I don’t care if I sound like a cyborg.

In that case have you considered a megaphone?

What about something as simple as hooking up a microphone through a computer, and hooking speakers up to the computer?

I’d have to dig around to figure out the precise method needed to make it work, but if you get the mic input playing through the speaker output and then crank the speakers… voila! Cheap computer mics and speakers could easily keep you under $50 in expenses, since you probably already have a computer that can do it. Here’s a link with some info that may get you started:

Amazon has a ton of stuff in that price range. Including some hideous fanny pack models.

Hey good lookin! I’ll be back to pick you up later!

dracoi: That’s brilliant! I should have thought of it myself. Thank you.

Dr. S: That’s exactly what I need, if I don’t go the laptop route. Thanks!

And Duck? I practically peed myself laughing.

You stole my joke! And I still laughed. :smiley:

I often play trivia at a local restaurant/bar. Our quiz master has a PA, but it’s speaker sounds completely blown (he sounds kinda like the adults sound on the Peanuts cartoons…“wah wawahh wahh”)

Please buy a decent PA. It is very frustrating to have to go up and ask him to repeat the questions. He also does a name-that-tune segment, and often a recognizable song is completely lost in the ambient sounds of the bar due to the crappiness of his sound system.

I am sure I would play more often, and others would be more likely to join-in, if he had a halfway decent PA.

You know, I use that exact model of PA at work, and we’re looking to replace it. Our audience is getting larger, and the hassle of setting up the speakers and cables is extreme, given the availability of wireless models now. Of course, they’re honkingly expensive.

Sidetrack: does anyone have a recommendation for a great PA system, budget up to $3K, wireless, battery operated, etc?

Noted, pyro. You’re right — I’ve been there, and it isn’t fun.

Just saw a portable PA system at Target for $99.99. No idea on the sound quality.

Wireless mics are great. Wireless speakers are a drag - the only truly wireless speakers are battery powered. At decent crowd-penetrating volume levels, and running for more than five minutes, you’re probably looking at hauling around a 60-pound car battery for each speaker. Otherwise, you still need to run AC power to them, and if you’re doing sound outside, don’t be surprised when your extension cords wind up running to the same place the PA/mixer is plugged in. :smack:

I’ve used this Anchor amplifier in a lot of situations with very good results. You need a mic and cable to go along with it.