Mr. Poetic, meet Mr. Justice

After their desperate, dishonest, attempts to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of legal voters while smearing GOTV efforts and tie it all somehow to Obama and suggest they were destroying the very fabric of Democracy, well…

Republican Voter Registration Chief Arrested for Fraud in California

My analysis is: ha ha ha ha ha.

Oh my.

What’s the debate here?

Well, my position is: ha ha ha ha ha ha, and :wipes away a glad tear:

Feel free to post your rebuttal.

Despite experiencing a bit of Schadenfreude, I would have to agree that this seems more like a Pitting than a debate.

(Of course, the response from the Republicans could easily be Well, we told you that someone could be trying to steal the election; we DO need better fraud protection.)
Off to the Pit.

Umm…if he was a Demoncrat, he would have gotten away with it?


If not for those meddling kids—wait, those are baby goats. He would have gotten away from it if not for those ACORN, err, baby squirrels?


Yeah, if not for those darn kids and the talking dog.

Demoncrat. I like that.

This is no big deal. He’s barely connected to the Republican party, is not part of their leadership, did not appear to be doing any voter fraud except for registering himself under his parents’ address, and he’s looking at 3 years in prison? Calling him a “Republican Voter Registration Chief!” is goofy. He’s part of a company that Repubs hired to get some signatures, and there’s no allegation that he registered anyone else illegally.

Years ago, I worked for the local township newspaper, and the Editor/Publisher was a constant candidate for the local school board. The teacher’s union had their hand-picked group, and ran the board for…well, pretty much forever. When my boss was finally elected to the board, the regular members used a BS technicality to get him tossed out.

Each year, in order to make his candidacy legit, he had to have a township resident “sponsor” him, and then get 10 signatures on a petition. I had always been his sponsor, so the year after he was booted, I sponsored him again. However, I forgot one small detail: I wasn’t allowed to. See, I had moved in the previous year, and completely forgot that I was just over the township line. Needless to say, the opposition figured this out and gleefully nullified my boss’ eligibility.

Good thing none of them were aware that apparently I could’ve been arrested for my crime.

Bolding mine. If that is the case then there was definitely something shady going on. Though I’m not sure how one would confuse registering to vote with signing a petition.

ETA: $50,000 seems excessive to me. Is that standard for any felony?

I saw this mentioned either directly in a thread or a linked article.

You sign the petition and then the person flips up the page and tells you that you need to sign this other sheet (which changes your registration).

It’s a huge deal. Fraudulently switch voters’ party affiliations affects their ability to vote in upcoming primaries, skews statistics and demographic reporting, and is deceptive for the voters themselves.

I oppose fraud from anyone. Throw the book at this guy.

It doesn’t seem too hard if you’re the kind of idiot who will sign something random on the street without bothering to read it.

I guess if people are dumb enough to fall for it, fraud shouldn’t be a crime.

So is EVERYONE who gets done by fraud “dumb”?
Or are you going to judge whether they were dumb, or the fraudsters were just “bad”?

Saw this on another website, felt it belonged here.

The GOP office in Albuquerque, NM alleged that 28 persons had used false names to vote in the state’s Democratic primary in June. One of the people had voted with the assumed fake name of “Duran Duran.” Well, there’s a reason when you assume it makes an ass of u and me.. Hey, here’s some more Duran Durans!

Damnit, now I have “Hungry Like the Wolf” stuck in my head.