Mr. Rogers' Christmas...a Dog Story

You did good. Hang tough.

You did a hard and wonderful thing. I wish there were a lot more like Mr. and Mrs. Sailboat in this world.

Thank you for caring enough to try.

Thank you, thank you.

RIP old man.

Thank you for taking care of an old guy.

RIP Mr. Rogers.

So sorry to hear about this.

Oh, Sailboat. He knew - and he loved you back. Homeless animals slink off by themselves when they are sick and dying. He chose to stay there near you, instead. He let his guard down around you. He relaxed near you and all his pain drifted away from him. He found his people, and now he’s at peace.

You did good by him.

What a lucky little guy to have found you. You got him in time to show him the love he deserved.

So very sorry for your loss.

Poor, lucky little guy. Lucky to have been given someplace warm and loving to end his days.