Mr. Shoe is in the hospital

This has progressed - regressed? - far beyond Mini, so I’m taking this out of the minirants thread and into its own separate thread.

My husband is in the hospital with complications of West Nile virus. He got sick last weekend - fever, a spotty rash, nausea - and I got similarly ill a day or two later. Took a day and a half off work, shook it off, went back to work. He’s just gotten worse.

Took him to PrimaCare on Thursday, and after a few hours and some IV saline they had me take him to the ER. Then he got admitted as an inpatient with, among other things, severe weakness in his leg & back muscles.

Long story short, they moved him into the ICU this morning, and he is now heavily sedated and on life support (a ventilator). He has pneumonia and/or fluid in his lungs, a septic infection, and as I type he is getting one of those major lines put into his neck artery**. Three separate antibiotics for the sepsis. They do not, however, think he has meningitis or encephalitis, although they’re treating him for those anyway pending test results. He has low red platelets, too, so his poor soft smooth skin, that I so love to kiss, is covered in bruises. He was hallucinating badly yesterday, and kept clutching at his thighs, trying desperately to make them move; he’s absorbed even while semi-conscious that if he can stand up and walk a few steps, they’ll let him go home. He desperately wants to go home - well, he sure did the last time he was conscious - and I so very desperately want him home too. Bruises from trying to make his muscles work, bruises from all the blood draws and IV lines. Bruises everywhere.

I want him home, healthy and all in one piece and as cranky as usual.

** Sorry, at that point the doctor’s words started blurring along with my vision. If a medical-type wants to wander by and put words in my mouth, I’d appreciate it.
I’ll keep updating this thread here because, frankly, I have nowhere else to put all this fear. The cats are tired of me crying into their fur.

I’m sorry to hear this.
I’m send positive thoughts your way…

Let me know if I can do anything, I’m in the general area, you know. I have several dozen bandanas and hankies I can give you.


Yikes, scary! You’re both in my thoughts and prayers.

Sincere wishes for a speedy recovery and having your loving curmudgeon back home again!

Aw man.
:: sending good thoughts your way ::

I’m sorry, purplehorseshoe. I hope he gets well speedily and is back home soon.

I don’t know much about West Nile Virus, and didn’t know it could smack you down so viciously. We don’t get too many skeeters here in central California, but now I’ll be sure to keep an eye on standing water and be the nosy neighbor who keeps an eye on the neighbor’s stagnant green wading pool and sounds off about it.

Sending healing thoughts you way.

Thinking of you.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

I’m so sorry :frowning: I’d heard West Nile was getting aggressive in some areas, so it’s a really good thing he’s in the hospital for it now. 20 years ago, it might have taken so long to diagnose that who knows what might have happened? He’s in good hands, and they will do what it takes to get him better. In the meantime, I can loan you my kitties if yours are too soggy. {Purplehorshoe}

How horrible! I’m so sorry.

It’s a good thing they were able to diagnose it quickly and get him the right care, and I hope that it will make his recovery that much quicker. Sepsis is a bitch, but moving him to the ICU and getting him set up with a ventilator and IV antibiotics is a smart move. I’ll be sending you guys healing thoughts, and if there’s anything more tangible this internet stranger can do for you, please just say the word.

Thinking of the two of you and hoping he can come home very soon.

Wow…sending you (and him!) healing thoughts, and good, purpley wishes.

puplehorshoe, you and your husband are in my thoughts. Please let me know if I can do anything.

Sending good thoughts

All the best.

Saying a prayer for you guys. Hope things improve very very soon. Anything I can do to help, PM me.

You’re both in our thoughts.