Mr. Whistleblower gets a surprise

A while back I posted a rant about Mr. Whistleblower at work who thought it was with the utmost generosity that he pointed out every loophole and flaw in the scheduling, causing many people to get upset one way or another (and pissed me off when it turned out I wouldn’t be able to work the long hours I was accustomed to). Long story short, the guy started getting on everyone’s nerves. One somewhat obnoxious (but not against the rules :rolleyes: ) habit he has is to come in early, and just sit in the office until he is scheduled to start. Sometimes its busy and a manager will ask if he could start early, because he’s SITTING RIGHT THERE, but he’ll say, “No, nope, can’t do it, sorry, wish I could help ya.” :mad:

What he is doing is not against the rules, but its kind of snarky especially when we are short-handed. This is a person who has to take every little rule literally. So since he is not required to start his shift before he is scheduled, he doesn’t start early. He will just sit there and do nothing for 20 minutes- he could go outside and do ollies on his skateboard, read magazines in the store nearby, eat lunch, SOMETHING. I guess you could say what he’s doing is just taboo among everyone else. Anyway…

A while back some kid wet his pants by accident. The pee soaked into the chair and I guess they didn’t have anything to clean the chair. So they put a DO NOT SIT sign on the chair and crammed it in the supply closet. Last week, I glanced over and saw Mr. Whistleblower was early once again, there to sit and stare at us for 20 minutes until he was supposed to start. Guess what chair he was sitting in? :eek:

Hmm… weird. He’s turning corporate work rules into a finely parsed passive-aggressive game. You generally only see that in government or union situations, not retail work.

California is a ‘fire at will’ employment state, so why doesn’t the Boss fire him for being snarky?

Has everyone started calling him “Mr. Wee-Wee Pants” yet?

A possible explanation …
I went through a lot of “management” training a few years ago, mostly HR dept. stuff. One of the more surprising (to me) rules was that starting work early by as little as 15 minutes was forbidden and would result in discipline including termination. The justification was that by law, you are required to be paid for all time spent working. By clocking in early, you were “stealing” from the company by getting paid for unauthorized work. If you weren’t being paid for it, working “off the clock”, you had grounds to sue the company for not paying you your full compensation in a timely fashion. Therefore, by company policy, starting your shift early is a punishable offense. The exception would be if you were authorized to work outside your normal hours or for overtime pay by a supervisor.

It still seems (a little) silly to me, but there must have been a problem for them to have come up with that rule.

If he wanted to, he could ask a manager, “Hey, would you like me to sign in early so I can help out?” and if we needed the help (which is often since we are busy during the weekdays) it would be fine. I guess its just the “I’m not going to do anything beyond what’s required” that gets on my nerves. We had a meeting and I asked him to help out and he said that he wasn’t on the clock. I said, “Could you do it, you know, just as a favor?

Anyway, yeah the managers can probably can him if he really gets on their nerves, but I’m guessing they are waiting on a really good reasons, since this guy seems to have CA labor laws memorized or something and we’d never hear the end of it if he was just spontaneously fired. However, Mr. Whistlerblower likes to grandstand and pontificate excessively, so I’m guessing he’ll hang himself since sometimes he can’t seem to know when to shut up :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure there are lots of people in Silicon Valley that would like his job, and could do it at least as well without being a jerk. I hope they kick his arse out and let someone worthwhile have his job.