MRI Day After Thanksgiving

It was the only way to schedule it on a day I already had off. Eat light today, which may be a blessing in disguise. No getting frisky for 48 hours. Enema tonight.

It’s a prostate MRI, since my PSA is a little high. Doc said that chances of finding anything are about 1 in 10, but she also said that if I were her Dad she’d recommend it.

I’m planning to load up on leftovers tomorrow; the appointment is at 9 am.

May it go well.

Yes, hoping for the best possible outcome.

I wish I had had an MRI instead of the biopsy that my doctors urged me to do, because my PSA was a little high (it had risen from below 5 where it had been forever to above 7).

And now a PSA about PSA to any man over 50 reading this: it is a notoriously unreliable test for prostate cancer, but medical people say it is the best test available :roll_eyes:. Also note that there are two kinds of prostate cancer, one aggressive, one so slow-growing that for many men it’s not worth treating. Finally, and most important, so that your doctor does not over-treat like mine did, be aware that any sexual activity of any kind within 72 hours before your blood test can raise your PSA enough to cause concern. (So can other uncontrollable factors, like just getting older, but at least you can control your sexual activity.)

My endocrinologist insists on a yearly PSA because I am on Testosterone Replacement Therapy due to a pituitary issue, even though current studies so no link between TRT and prostate cancer.

Brown Thursday before Black Friday? I hope all goes well.

I did abstain from sex for 72 hours before my blood test. My PSA has been consistently between 4 and 5 (usually closer to 4) since my doc told me to see a urologist. I’m 57, so that’s not wildly high. The urologist advised having the MRI first; if it does find something, a potential biopsy would be more targeted. There are no symptoms; urologist said that the prostate felt normal.

My understanding is that the numerical value is less significant than the change. My PSA has been below .4 and if it jumped to 1.2 that would be bad, even though it was overall low.

Yeah, I’m hoping that if it stays the same for a while I’ll stop having to give them vials of blood except during regular checkups. Meanwhile, I’m counting down to irrigation.