MRI Films safe going through Airport Security?

I will be traveling by plane this weekend, and I need to bring some MRI films with me. If the TSA agents want me to put the flims through the X-Ray scanner, will they be damaged/destroyed? TIA!


Is this exposed or unexposed film?

It’s a developed MRI…so I supposed that would be exposed.


No different than taking photographs through security.

Hmm. As far as I know, MRIs don’t use actual film to collect data: it’s all computerized collection and then image production. So either you have
a) printouts of images, which should be perfectly safe whether or not they’re just ink on paper or some kind of developed photograph. Even old-fashioned X-rays of bones would be fine going through the machine after they’ve been developed.
b) computer data files, which might be on magnetic tapes or other media. CD/DVDs should be perfectly safe. Magnetic tape is, from what I can tell, probably OK, but you could always pull it out and give it to the security person for hand inspection.

The only real concern for X-Ray machines is undeveloped film. There’s no reason you should be carrying medical info on undeveloped film.

Thanks everyone, sounds like it’s fine. I actually have some MRIs on a CD as well as one that’s on film (like you’d put it up to a light to read it), but I’m not worried now.