Mrs. Wang-Ka: Master Criminal

I am sorry about your wife’s problems.

You are a peach of a guy to stand up like that for her.

I would have to say that this firing, while gloomy right now, will prove to be a good thing happening down the road. I bet she finds a school that isn’t so farked up and the kids all turn in the homework on time. Ok, that last one is a bit of a stretch.

Maybe you should make a joke out of it and send her a cake with a nail file baked into it.


Master, you’re making me question why I’m willingly entering this profession.

Perhaps I should. I can think of no other profession that offers so little in the way of pay and incentives, while simultaneously flattening you with such bullshit, every chance it gets.

Not all schools were created equal, though. My wife’s last school, a poor inner city school district, wasn’t bad. The pay wasn’t great, it was a poor school, there was gang culture and some bad craziness, but the administration largely stayed the hell out of the teachers’ way and let them teach. They had bigger problems to deal with.

This school district pays well, and has a decent cross-section of people, economically speaking, but also has the attitude of “this is a very fine district, and people are fighting to get into it, so we can treat our people like dirt, and they’ll take it, because they’re lucky to be here.” At least, until the governor of Texas hacked the school budgets, right in the middle of the rather expensive requirements placed by his predecessor, the President. But I won’t get into that now.

There are other school districts, and as a special ed teacher, I’m in demand. She’s got more field experience than I do, too, so we’ll get by, I’m sure.

It’s just a damn shame to get derailed by shitheads and bad fortune. And that goes for my wife and I, as well as for anyone about to enter the profession… :frowning:

Wang-Ka, that school sounds poisonous. I’m glad to hear you’re getting out. I hope the next place you work is far more supportive of its good teachers.

The ones who always lose out big time are the kids.

Admirable restraint you have there Wang Ka If ever I find myself in the position where someone is slandering my SO, and at the same time implying I’m a liar I hope i can exert as much self control.

Sorry to hear about your wife’s job, Master. I’m sure it comforts you to know that the gov of our great state has stepped forward with his brilliant solution to school financing problems.

PS. to those who don’t live here, Gov has proposed an additional tax on [wait for it…] Table Dances. (Seriously).

PPS. I woulda decked the bitch.

Well, it does make me wonder what the hell happened to all that lottery money and all that money from the horsie races – two hotly debated topics of the past which were eventually passed for the sake of school financing.

The school probably are getting all of the lottery and horse racing money. The problem is that money is not in addition to the normal operating budget, it displaces those funds, thus freeing up more money in the government’s “General Fund”.

So it turns into a zero sum game for the school’s budget but a big windfall for other government spending.

Makes you want to weep for humanity, were we worth the tears.

Ah. You mean like when they

(a) increased school funding, and had a media circus to publicize the event,
(b) instituted “No Child Left Behind” and had a media circus to publicize the event, which somehow missed the fact that this stuff was going to cost insane amounts of money, none of which was being offered by Congress, the State, or the Feds, and then
© CUT the state education budget due to tax shortfalls brought about by slashing property taxes and the general crappy economy…?

Yup. It’s all about credibility. It’s okay to burn schools, murder orphans, and rape little old ladies, so long as your image remains the exact opposite.

Maybe I shoulda gone into politics…

It’s too late, you being married to a known criminal mastermind and all…

Well, if he wants any money out of Dallas, he’d best hurry and push that through before Laura “I’m a complete fucking bitch” Miller shuts all our clubs down.

It’s actually supposed to be a tax added on to club admission fees, not the dances. For what it’s worth, speaking as a Dallas area dancer, I have no problem with this tax going through…most club admission fees are pretty nominal here (compared to clubs in other states I’ve been to).

What? Since when did Hillary Clinton become a Texas school teacher?

But seriously, Master Wang-Ka – yes, that was a joke, folks; please turn off all flamethrowers and return them to the overhead baggage compartments – I am awestruck at your self-control in the face of such poisonous snarkasm.

Master Wang-Ka, what town/city is this school located in? I would ask you the name of this school, but I doubt you’d tell me. :smiley:

The name of the school is the same as the name of the town. I hesitate to speak badly of them, however, on a message board that anyone on the entire internet could access.

Master Wang-Ka, I give you great credit for remaining in your profession, especially in Texas. I rather guess, from some things you’ve said, that essentially nothing has changed there since my school days. Speaking of which, I had exactly ONE teacher that I considered to be good, and he was excellent. He taught for exactly one school year, left the profession and went to work for Texas Instruments. He told me he was leaving entirely due to school management politics.

They attack us because they hate our freedom.

Bizarre coincidence. From today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

"Teacher probed in assault resigns
[ignore the regretable wording of the headline, pls]

Throwing girl was her idea, boys allege

{Photo of said teacher} w/ caption: C.P., who allegedly told students to throw a classmate out a school window, earned Teacher of the Year honors last year.

A N. County alternative school teacher resigned this week after students threw classroom decorum – and a 14-year-old classmate – out a first-floor window, allegedly at her direction…"

The teacher denies it.