MS-Access changing order on upload

Most of the data I work with have header records. I import the .csv files into MS Access, defining all fields as text. When I look at the imported file, often the header record is not at the top. It’s several records down, or even at the bottom of the file. I delete the imported file and import it again doing it the same way I always do, and then the header is where it should be.

Why is Access doing this?

Assuming you are importing this into a new table, be sure to check the box for “First Row Contains Field Names” on the second page of the import wizard. If you don’t check this box, it might explain why it works the second time, because the table already exists.

Are you not selecting “First Row Contains Field Names”?

I never go to the second page of the import wizard, so I never saw that before.

It’s a pretty important option to be relegated to the second page. I’m not sure why they made that decision.

They did the same with the Sort options – that option is on a different page from where you choose the key fields to sort on.

Both those were stupid decisions. (Unfortunately, Libre Office has copied that stupidity.)