MS Excel Assistance Needed

I have 2000 numbers sorted in Column A. That is all the data on the sheet.

Is there a way that I can sort it so that it will be sorted top->bottom, left->right for each page?

Don’t know if I’m being clear, but when I print it, I want it to be sorted in the following way:

Page 1
001 005 009 013
002 006 010 014
003 007 011 015
004 008 012 016

Page 2

Thanks in advance

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First off stevie have you tried checkin on

also if it’s a retail version you recieve free usability support for those types of questions.

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Great minds discuss ideas;
Average minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.

If it’s only printing you’re worried about, why not just copy your column of data and paste it into a Word document, where you can easily change the number of columns per page? That’s what I’d do, if it’s just a one-time thing.

SRO, first select the data in the column & name it something (say ‘data’)(write it in the name box at upper left.)

Somewhere right of Column A enter the formula =VLOOKUP($a1, data, 1). Copy this right a few columns & change $a1 to $a5 in the next column(in your example), etc. Then copy these cells down.

Thanks all. I used Mikan’s suggested and it worked fine. I also screwed around with that VLookup and learned something new. Thanks again.

Does anyone know how to work the @NOW function. I need to put the date in automatically. I tried to use @NOW and it came up syntax error.

Use the formula
instead…should work fine…