MS Paint problem

When I use a color, it is very dull and sort of brownish. It looks nothing like the color that i selected. Red is more like a slightly redish brown, and the really bright greens and blues are just really bland and greyish. Anyone know why and how to fix it?

First of all, does it do that when you open a new file, or when you open an existing file?

Secondly, what kind of video card are you running?

Thirdly, did you check Microsoft’s support page? Try this link:;en-us;Q266974

This might happen if the file you’re working on isn’t a bitmap (.bmp) file. It all depends on the color depth of the image you’re working with. GIFs and JPEGs (.gif and .jpg) tend to limit the number of colors in the palette, that’s one of the reasons why they can be smaller then bitmaps.

I’m fairly sure Paint works with only .bmp? I do that, then convert it to .jpg (with Imaging) if I want to upload it on the Net to a website.

>> I’m fairly sure Paint works with only .bmp?

Nope, the most recent versions will save in JPG and GIF but in GIF using only the standard palette (no custom) and in JPG using a present compression (no adjustments). It will also open files in those formats.

I do not have the problem in the OP and I use MS Paint extensively

How do I update it to the recent version or am I stuck with what I have? (Win2000)

I believe you can download it from MS or just copy it from another computer. No installation required (at least in WIN9X). You can just replace the old one but I will point out that the old one called PBRUSH is located in the WINDOWS folder while the new one is “C:\Program Files\Accessories\MSPAINT.EXE” You mighty have it already

Thanks, sailor. I’ll go check it out.