MS Powerpoint - default settings on autoshapes question

Can’t figure out how to do the following (and am now reasonably certain it can’t be done).

Basically, I want the following - a rectangle/box with an outline and text, where the text is defaulted to top, left-justified and word-wrap is on.

If I use the autoshape-rectangle tool and then add text, it automatically adds it middle/center-justified with word-wrap off. Even if I do change the settings to what I want (top, left, word-wrap on) and then go Set Autoshape Defaults, it never remembers the text portion of the settings.

Alternatively, I use the text box tool, which defaults to top, left-justified but with word-wrap off (and it automatically sizes the text box to the amount of text, which I do not want). Again, I go in and change the settings (add an outline to the text box, set word-wrap, etc) and then go Set Autoshape Defaults. But it still doesn’t remember these settings.

Driving me effing nuts. You’d think that something as simple as text settings could be remembered.

Am I missing something?

Forgive the hijack but it is my mission Powerpoint is evil. I hate it with a passion. It is an intelligence vampire so I have to warn mankind.

Thanks for the advice. But as I’m not using Powerpoint as a presentation tool, it really doesn’t apply to me, and I’d really have preferred an actual response to the question.