MS Word 2000 -- full pathname in title bar

I can’t believe this isn’t an option, but neither the help files nor google nor my own meandering through options has made this a possibility.

What the heck? Anyone know?

Yes, it’s because Word is by Micro$not. :smiley:

I use Adobe Framemaker (it’s for long, multi-chapter documents), and it does indeed display the full path in the title bar. It can come in quite handy.

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One work-around is to turn on the “Web” toolbar, then drag the URL box to somewhere empty.

Darren, great. Works well enough. Still, I can’t believe this isn’t an option! Incredible.

You can add a macro that will do it.

Yeah, but that Macro only seems to work on documents created, not documents passed around an office or through email to/from clients etc.

Such a simple thing, but I am really disappointed.

?? I’m not sure how you can pass a soft-copy document around an office or through email w/o it having been created.

But, another option on a Saved file to see the full path is to go to File | Properties | General tab, and the full path can be seen there.