MS Word Template not showing up when emailed to a Citrix user

I’m not sure if this is a Citrix issue or a compatibility issue beween Office 2013 and Office 2016.

There is a template created in Word 2013. These users are using Outlook 2013. There are other remote users logging in via Citrix where they receive emails in Outlook 2016. When the Citrix users receive the emails, the contents are there but the formatting is a mess. Everyone else sees the template correctly.

Does this sound like a compatibility issue between Office 2013 and 2016 or something to do with Citrix?

Perhaps for the non-Citrix users, the template is installed in Outlook but it’s not installed on the virtual desktop for the Citrix users. Is the template embedded with the document?

Is the word doc template attached to the email, or copied and pasted into the email message?

I’ve never used Citrix, but in my experience, previewers can interpret format commands differently. As long as the users were sent the doc as an attachment, they should be able to open it and see it in the correct format.

Copy / Paste

Have you considered communicating in full sentences? Because I have no idea what your answer signifies, although I am familiar with the “copy” and “paste” commands.

I think both options may be true.

You will have display problems if you have rendering problems. Try turning off display acceleration, try not using full-screen. If either of those two things fix it, it proves that the problem is hidden deep inside Office 2016.

If neither of those things fix it, it could be just some simple incompatibility between the two versions.

What does the email look like if you copy and paste it into Word?


It’s really just a Table in MS Word. Columns on left and right. Left column says “Name, Address, Phone, etc etc” Right column is blank.

The person just copies the table from Word, pastes it into Outlook and fills in the column on the right, send. Those connected via Citrix using Outlook 2016 still see Name, Address, etc but the columns are gone and its all jumbled randomly around the page.

This may also be relevant: If receive it in Outlook 2013, log into Citrix, copy paste from Outlook 2013 into Outlook 2016 within Citrix THEN send it, those logged into Citrix see it correctly when they receive it.

Tables don’t always copy and paste correctly. I’ve found it’s best to use Snipping Tool to take a screenshot instead.