MSN censorship

Did you know that if you say the “wrong” things you can be blocked from all MSN chat rooms? Yes - its true I cannot enter the MSN rooms and it can only be because I expressed an unpopular view (a suggestion that the gungoho on Iraq comes from Israeli activists). What ever happened to freedom of speech? Just what does free speech mean if some (mega) mickey mouse item like MSN can decide to turn you off? So what does the US constitution mean? Not to mention the 400 year old right to due process denied to the camp X ray inmates. Has the US become a pretend democracy?

Usually, you can send an email to the head of the chat hosts for MSN to have the ban turned off.

State what occured and what said. Ask what prompted the banning. Ask if the ban can be lifted.

MSN Rules of Conduct for chat are listed here:

Some of the bans are only for 24 hours others for longer.

Good luck.

Whatever the U.S. Constitution means, it doesn’t apply to a contract between two private entities.

If you come into my house, I have the right to say, “If you talk about the color red, I’ll kick you out.”

The Constitution spells out what the government can do. It has nothing to do with the behaviour of Microsoft.

Actually, I would suspect that what you said may have been less important than how you said it. You can find the notion that Israeli activists are “behind” any number of things in many fora throughout MSN. The idea that MSN is banning you from all chat for a political viewpoint is not very credible (unless you irritated a particular human in an administrative position who decided to make it personal).

As Leonora noted, you can contact MSN to discover what your “crime” was supposed to have been and seek to be restated. (It could also be simply a software glitch; they are running on M$ platforms, after all.)

And, as Sam Stone has piointed out, Constitutionally protected free speech allows you to go out and purchase or build your own web site and say whatever you like (that is not libelous), it does not guarantee your right to use someone else’s web site to express your views.

There are plenty of other places to chat. MSN can’t prevent you from expressing yourself any more than Barnes & Noble can prevent you from buying books.

Whoa! Did Microsoft actually take over the US Government while I wasn’t paying attention? I guess I owe my crackpot conspiracy theorist friend an apology.


So what exactly are we supposed to be debating here?

Proposed: The Holy Roman Empire was neither Holy, nor Roman, or an Empire.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

The Constitution only applies to the Federal governments abilitiy to limit free speech. It does not apply to private companies. You have every right to free speech but MSN is under no obligation to provide you with a forum.

Hi Sam, how about that Boston baseball team??:slight_smile:

Jewish people tend to be more contemptible about Israeli actions than anybody else. It has to be either your tone, yippie, or you said whatever you said in the ‘Ariel Sharon rules!!’ chat room.