MSN Hotmail, and Logan's Run

Boy, there’s some fancypants juxtapositioning for ya. Ready? Remember in Logan’s Run, when you turned 30, your palm went red and you went and died?

I’ve had Hotmail for close to 6 months, and I still have some sites and emails from the Big Move from AOL. In other words, I’ve got email in my Hotmail account that is almost 6 months old.

Is it going to go away soon? If I open it and forward it to myself, will I buy more time? Am I crazy to worry about a specific termination date for electronic mails, when there are so many more pressing issues to face in the world? Can I somehow protect my emails from being deleted against my will, therefore reasserting control over my electronic environment?

And, what about this sore? Will it ever go away? :smiley:



Hotmail automatically deletes sent mail after 30 days, and locks and clears accounts if you don’t log in within 30 days. So long as you keep logging in, you shouldn’t lose any mail not in the sent items folder. I wouldn’t trust them though, and a rule change is always possible; if it’s valuable, save it into a text file onto your PC.

Yeah, see this is in the Inbox, not the Sent folder. Hmmm… I will back it up to be safe. Still, anyone know a definitive timeline here?

And, why is my palm turning pink??? :eek:

I have Inbox mail on my Hotmail account that goes back about three years. Don’t stress too much. I think MS has everything backed up, too. However, there have been brief periods when mail was unavailable because of problems on their end.