MSN Messenter and Norton Personal Firewall

Hey, I need some help please. Is there any way I can run MSN Messenger and my firewall at the same time? We installed the firewall because some wierd sex stuff kept popping up and it’s taken care of it, but I can’t get Messenger to run without disabling the firewall. I’ve been through the help list in the firewall but it should not be named help apparently. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Open the Norton Internet Security icon on your desktop.
Click Personal Firewall—> Internet Access Control—> Add—> Messenger—> Permit All—> General.

I hope that helps

If you were getting the wierd sex stuff through MSN Messenger and you let it thorugh the firewall wouldn’t you be back to square one?

Thanks light strand. Worked like a charm. Wish the help files were so to the point.

Sailor, no I was getting wierd sex popups. They had nothing to do with messenger. Ad-aware didn’t seem to help so we installed a firewall. But I have to have messenger to talk to work while I’m on maternity leave.

ascrivey. You could have disposed of the messages by disabling the Messanger service in windows (services.msc in run), it doesn’t affect MSN, although this probably isn’t much consolation now you’ve spent money on a firewall.