MSU Credit Union forces Business Channel upon student patrons

Michigan State’s Credit Union, (right across the street from campus), is pretty much used only by students at a university known for partying and rioting.

So WHY THE HELL do they play some business channel with stock tickers on TV while people are bored out of their mind waiting in line?

Why can’t they put on Friends, or MTV, or something like that. I consider MTV to be a waste of time, but if I’m going to be waiting in line anyways I’d rather watch Ananda than a stock tickers. Do they really think any college students are going to be impressed by ther channel selection? Hell no.

It drives me nuts. And the line is REALLY long too.

I’m not a student at MSU yet, so I haven’t yet had the pleasure of waiting in line at the credit union. It does seem silly to show a business channel in a credit union that caters mainly to the students. As if anybody is going to worry about the stock price of IBM while they’re waiting to withdraw that weekend beer money.:smiley:

Welcome to the boards Kumaraka. Another Lansing/East Lansing Doper too. :cool:

well, as an MSU alum, and a member of said CU, I’d have to dispute both allegations in the OP. There’s plenty of folks who use the CU who are employees, alums, relatives of employees etc. All members of my household belong to the CU, none of us are current students there.

and, it’s been at least a few years since the last good student riot (remembering the riots of 72, just before I got there, when the riot was 'cause of the Viet Nam war instead of ‘whaddumean we can’t drink beer in the stadium parking lot’?)

LadyIce you live right by Bioport?? that must be, um, fun.

I used to live right by the School for the Blind (which is now split between a charter school and the DeMarse Correctional Academy), still work downtown Lansing.

(waving little green & white flag)

In my defense:

  • I notice that 75% of the line are students, (looking bored).
  • The business channel is MUTED w/o CC
  • There are two TVs, both playing the same channel

The fact that the channel is muted is indicative of how the channel selection is more for show than actually helping time go by faster in line. Of the 25% of people in line that look grown up, I doubt most of them care about stock tickers.

Nice to meet you and GO GREEN! :smiley:

well, outside in the drive thru, and out in the Okemos branch on Saturdays, the mix is decidedly non-student looking (tho some of those folks can fool ya).

If the sound were on, then:
a. People would tend to talk louder
b. People trying to actually conduct business confidentially would have a more difficult time “Yes, I’d like that 500$ in 5$ bills, well worn, please”
c. it wouldn’t even begin to cover the noise of the unruly and bored children “but moooooooo-oooooom I’m booooooooooooored”.
Sorry, my vote is for sound off. News channels are good for that since they also carry, um, news…

but ya picked a good place to go to school. Have you tried the MSU dairy? and it’s world famous Chocolate cheese?

Ya know what? I’m going to go try some chocolate cheese right now!

I think they should turn closed captioning on and put CNN on one TV and something else on the other. Atleast at the campus MSFCU.

MSU sucks! Michigan Wolverines Rule!

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