Mt Blanc Hi res photo

This is an amazing photo, no doubt. However, what is the deal with the mirror imaging near the left-center of the picture? There is a guy on snowshoes walking from right to left near the shadow of the pointy peak. Below him you can clearly see the mirror image and as you pan right there are other repeated images. Digital filling for missing data?

If you zoom out, you can clearly see a large vertical swath that is mirrored.
Probably a missing image in the stitched panorama, that just got cloned in.

wow, it’s a hell of a photo, though! Thanks for the link.

I see another mirroring (?) that is on top of each other. Not sure if that is what you meant by vertical. On the left side of the picture there is an area with small crevasses. There is a hole in the snow that is repeated just above itself.

Looking near the gondola (just below dead-center of the photo) there is a noticeable seam - follow the gondola cables.

Still - awesome daydreaming photo to explore!

I don’t see the snowshoe guy mirrored, but directly below him is a swathe that is mirrored. And to the right of this (above the foreground rocks) is some obvious cloning. My guess is that that’s where the photographer was standing when the 360-degree picture was taken, and they cloned him out.

Edit: OK, according to the Making Of video, it wasn’t captured in one go, it was stitched from lots of images. So maybe just some bad stitching that got cleaned up. It’s a pretty big area though!

I expected to see a picture of him doing Porky Pig.

There is tons of cloning going on in that location. And not very well done. They seem to be trying to block out some of the foreground. Maybe there were some rocks sticking up a little higher in that area. You need to “copy” from as large an area as possible to avoid repeating patterns. There is an area below and right of the mirrored area that is repeated four times in perfect row. Not good.