MTV has completely lost it now...

DavisMcDavis… Thats my job, to point out the obvious :wink:

Trupintine, please don’t generalize the people who watch the television show, especially teenagers. We’re not all “retarded”, and the ones who are “retarded”, are, because of verbally abusive, and narrow minded people like you.

Sorry, I was trying to do the PIT thing, rant and use a lot of bad words, but now I feel kinda cheap because Mtv is such an easy target.

So are the goddamn teenagers- all of them take things so seriously.

I guess I’ll be sorry for making you into a retard by my verbal abuse when I’m BURNING IN THE LAKE OF FIRE!

What did happen to the music videos? I miss all the old ones. They were creative back then.

I also miss “Sifl & Olly.”

Television seems to get more and more disgusting every day.

I miss Beavis and Butthead, Liquid Television, and The State.

And I can NEVER catch Daria. When the fuck is it on, dammit!

Why does MTV still call itself MTV?

The M is supposed to stand for “music”, meaning that they showed videos instead of programming. Does anyone else see a problem with this?

If people were forced to be honest, the network would just be called “TV”.

Gee, how about this people? Instead of just ranting about it all the time, why don’t you just gasp stop watching it altogether? Any idiot knows that when you don’t like something, stop doing it if at all possible.

And no, for those who might think otherwise, I am not defending mtv. I hate it just as much as most of you do. I just don’t go around complaining about it all the time.

I’m lucky. On DishNetwork, MTV2 is standard. MTV2 is what MTV was before it became a crapfest. MTV2 actually plays music 24/7 with minimal interruptions. No commercials! DishNetwork also has CD channels, which are all audio channels devoted to a specific genre. Like Power Rock or 70s Rock or Jukebox Gold, etc. Black screen, nonstop music. 24/7 with absolutely no interruptions. They have one alternative channel and some classical music (one symphonic and one just instrumental, IIRC) and some others, like country, christian, and big band channel as well. Great background music. Yeah, this was a ramble, if you don’t like it we’ll rumble! (How’s that for archaic slang?)

I’m sorry too Turp :frowning: Can we be friends? Here have a Mountain Dew. :::pitiful offering:::

Ah! Stupid, accidential, tongue-sticking-out, smiley.

MTV and Tom Green suck. Thats all I have to say about that. LONG LIVE VH1 AND BEHIND THE MUSIC!!

VH1? Ugh, you’re such a thirty-something. Fine, go ahead and watch your Celine Dion-ivision.

I don’t watch tv, so don’t go blaming me. I only watch the old british comedies on PBS on Saturday nights.

And sk8, don’t diss VH1! I love VH1, especially Behind the Music, Pop Up Videos, and all that good stuff. (And I’m 18, close to your own age, sonny!)

the problem: my 14 year old sister likes undressed
but i think it sucks a dirty litterbox.
TRL is getting on my last nerve, i want to slap the shit out of carson every time i see his retarded mug. no i do not give a fuck for backalley boys, n’suck, and the
britney-christina-mandy-jessica pop blitzkrieg damn them all!!! trl is nothing but teenage flypaper, and so goddamn worthless. who cares if christina got one up on anybody, especially if she beat out 98 degrees (of atrocious).

b*witched , you certainly had a long and illustrious career, c-ya bitches in the cut out bin!

and i miss LIQUID TELEVISION too. hurrah for POP-UP VIDEO!

Awww…yer so cute! And I love Mountain Dew. Perhaps you should bring some to my party

You have impeccable taste, my friend.

I betcha even now, as we speak, MTV is planning on phasing Tom Green out. Within two or three years, no one will remember him. Jackass will satisfy his present audience just fine. And then by next Easter, Jackass itself will be on the decline.

MTV has a handful of perennials such as B&B as well as the Real World/Road Rules juggernaut. But their series in general have an excruciatingly short half-life. Look what happened to Apartment 2F. The Jon Stewart Show. The Brothers Grunt. Aeon Flux. The Big Picture. Lip Service. Squirt TV. Liquid Television.

It’s almost like MTV deliberatey produces shows knowing they’ll be history in five or six months.

What Derleth said. In the UK MTV2 plays non-stop alternative videos, with nary a VJ in sight. On MTV we’re stuck with a British Will Smith wannabe (Richard Blackwood), godawful audience participation shows (MTV Select) and only one remotely decent show at all (hosted by a Kiwi).

Still, VH1 here is just as bad, and at least you don’t get The Box (24 hours of non-stop videos…if you like 24 hours of N-Sync, Backstreet Boys, Britney and the Vengaboys).

If MTV were a person rather than an institution, it would be a necrophiliac wanker that sucks big floppy donkey dicks. I have NEVER liked MTV. I enjoy watching Daria when I can catch it, because she’s a lot like me, but that’s about it. They play shitty music, they don’t even play ENOUGH shitty music because 23 hours of the day it’s shitty SHOWS, they cancelled Sifl & Olly, they have stupid rectum-licking programs like Tom Green and Jackass and all their other unclefucking dipstick time-wasters, and did I mention that when they remember that the M stands for music they play really, really shitty stuff? Hell, they don’t even play ALL of it. I was watching TRL once this August because I knew Metallica was in the top ten for their song from M:I2, but they only played the first verse and the chorus of the song. They don’t even show half the fucking videos when they bother to show them at all!

Hell, I like country music, too, and CMT sucks ass but at least they play music. It’s all the shitty pop-country (kind of like MTV seems to be playing mostly the shitty pop-rock), and the singers I like don’t get played til midnight or 1 am, but at least they remember they’re music. If you like any kind of non-mainstream music (personally I go for y’alternative/Americana/roots rock/folk country kind of stuff, all variations of one subgenre), too bad, not on tv. Hell, if you like any kind of music at all, besides shitty pop-country, too bad, not on tv.

I don’t think MTV has been cool since my sister was my age, and that was almost ten years ago.

Anybody remember the time they interviewed an orgasm? It was one of just a few episodes I caught. As I recall, Mr. O was one smooooooth talker.

Regarding the OP-- Tom Green is just not my cup of tea, nor is much of MTV’s programming these days. God help me, I actually started watching TRL for a little while just to see some videos, but it’s a lost cause. They show rougly four nanoseconds of each video on the countdown, and there are so many picture-in-picture viewer comments(“Whooooooooo! I’m Sue from New Brunswick and I looooooooove Britney! Whooooooooo!”) you see even less.

Last week when I was sick, I rediscovered the fact that you can actually catch videos on MTV if you’re up at 3 or 4 in the morning. It’s the only time they show them uncut anymore.

I agree with anyone who misses Sifl and Olly, that show was great. Incidentally, their web site says there’s online episodes on…can anyone find them there?

Anyway, I was in Germany this summer, and I say everyone should write to Viva2 and ask them to come over here…it’s like 120minutes all day. I really miss that channel back here in the states.