MTV has completely lost it now...

Okay, I’ve seen the Tom Green show, and he does some pretty weird shit that I wouldn’t dream of doing to another person, but now MTV has decided to take it to the next level with a new show. I was so repulsed I dont even remember the name…
WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? Why would you grab a group of people, sit in a shopping basket, and run it in to a curb as fast as you can, catapulting the oucupients out of the basket? What the fuck is this? What genius decided to air this crap? Then it gets better, some guy decides it would be amusing to take a port-a-jon, watch it for a few days to ensure it is completely full of shit, go inside of it, and have a garbage truck flip it upside down! Dear god! What the hell is this!? Then there is a camera inside of the jon so nation wide TV can watch this guy getting shit dumped all over him?!

At this point I changed the channel…those are 15 minutes that I can never get back…

Wait, so MTV * had * it at some point?

(ok ok, they did once show two music videos in a row…)

I believe the show you’re talking about is called (appropriately enough) “Asshole.” I’ve seen a commercial for it. I don’t watch MTV, but the remote has a mind of its own. I didn’t like Tom Green as much as the rest of my generation, but this Asshole show seems exponentially worse.

Actually its called “Jackass”, I haven’t seen it yet, though all my freinds told me it was funny as all hell.

I thought it was pretty funny. I don’t like MTV most of the time, but I do like Tom Green and Jackass. The stupid shit they do like playing Backstreetboys, nsync, etc. and having idiots like that one tall anorexic dj that won the contest and that other new guy that won the last contest.

I think the last video MTV showed was in 1998, and that was merely snippets in Beavis and Butthead. But come on! It’s MTV for goodness sake, why would you possibly expect them to play music on television?

The big question is: was the guy who got tossed around the port-a-potty eating at the time?

exponentially…(I love that word!)

You guys are crazy! Jackass is doing a service to the entire viewing public. That show has quenched many of the curiosities I have had for several years. What happens if you hit someone with a stun gun? What happens if I spray my buddy in the face with pepper spray?? These are the burning questions that have been on the minds of many throughout the world. After this show, I no longer need to fulfill these curiosities myself… so in turn they are saving the world from it’s own stupidity by being stupider than any of us could ever dream to be. Not to mention it’s god damn hilarious!

BTW, it’s on right now on MTV (on the east coast, at least)

Well… I did watch the part with the stun gun and all. Morbid curosity I suppose. Altho it has nothing to do with music television. I don’t know why MTV has the show on, and please dont get the teenagers any more stupid ideas.
I was surprised awhile back when they showed scared straight with NO censoring. And I thought sailors were bad at cursing. I think MTV plays more shows than actually videos.

I wish MTV ran “120 Minutes” more than once every two months. I mean, is it so hard for the powers that be to part with two of the least desirable broadcast hours of the entire week for a little alternative rock? Do they have to run yet ANOTHER marathon of that goddamn “Undressed”?

I live out “in the sticks” and get five channels from our county’s broadcast tower; the big three, Fox and PBS.

Of course, direct TV is an option and all of my friends and family have it but I work nights and really don’t have a lot of viewing time except for weekends, besides, I spend most of my free time glued to this little screen following my favorite soap, “As the SDMB turns.”

Once in a while I start thinking that I might be missing out and consider calling DTV to hook me up. But something usually comes along to change my mind …like this.

Thanks kinoons.

I just miss all of those very weird, late night cartoons they used to have.

mtv started going downhill when they started playing comercials

You know I agree with the OP.

I saw the same episode the other day and I also changed the channel when they started flipping over the port-a-john. That was disgusting.

The other thing is that a lot of his gags have already been done, by TOM GREEN! Like the guy falling out of the wheelchair?

So this Jackass is digusting and unoriginal. Tom Green should be pissed at MTV. It was funny when he did it, but to get ripped off like that on your own channel? Fuck MTV.

And what the fuck happened to 120 Minutes, anyway? Fuckers.

MTV has more shows than videos? You just figured that out? Oh, you’re Obvious Guy. Next you’ll tell us the sky is blue, I suppose. :smiley:

Y’know, I used to religiously watch 120m and Post Modern MTV (anyone remember that one?) from about 1988 to 1993 or so. They shitcanned PMMTV around 1990 (IIRC). I stopped watching 120m in 92 or 93because they, well, I think they kind of dropped the ball. They continued along the “Brit-pop” wave long after it was obvious that there was much more than that that was worthwhile. When I got burnt out on all the Alice-in-Pearl-Nirvana-Garden-Jam bands, I got heavily into the American indie rock thing (labels like Merge/Homestead/Touch&go/Matador) and yet 120m contiued to show almost all Britpop stuff, which while I suppose some of it has its merits, I don’t like much of it. I was bored with it before it went off the air. Of course, this is MHO and YMMV.

I hope you are joking. I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic, damn this medium.

If you are joking, ignore this. You see my point and you are very clever.

If not-

You’re a fucking idiot.
Don’t you realize that the people who like this show are retarded 14-year olds who will do anything they see on tv?
Rather than prevent the actions shown on Jackass, it will promote them.
My assumption here is based in the fact that one would have to be fucking idiot to be able to sit this this show and ejoy it, so why would they be intelligent enough to refrain from trying this stuff at home.
By the way-

I always wondered if Mtv sucks now because I outgrew or if it actually got worse.

It’s worse.

Goddamn teenagers!

Yeah, but he doesn’t have the balls to say anything. Get it? Get it?

OK, not nice, but like Tom Green wouldn’t take the opportunity for it.

I’ve hated MTV since they killed the ball but JACKASS is the funniest thing I have seen in ages. Absolutely hilarious!