MTV Real World Chicago--HELP!

A friend from work asked me to tape last night’s episode (Tuesday June 18th) for her as her cable isn’t working. Even brought me a tape. And I screwed it up! :frowning: I was on the computer after work and lost track of the time, go figure. :smack:

So I looked at the website, and saw that RW was being shown this afternoon, and I taped that, but it appears to be two old episodes, not the latest. I’m even confused as to which episode IS the latest. On their RW page, mtv has a description of episode 20, involving people going to Boston for Halloween, but in their chat room, someone was asking about a song in episode 21?

Please help! Which episode is the one I missed taping, and does anyone know mtv’s replay schedule? Will the latest episode be replayed anytime soon, like today or even this week?

I feel like such an idiot! She asked me today if I taped the show for her, and I gave her a lame “I’m not sure, I didn’t check the machine yet”. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I’m pretty sure you missed episode 21. Last night, I watched the reruns before the original episode, and the previews showed Tonya and Keri arguing again Cara about their Halloween play after returning from Boston. I’m sorry that I can’t help you any further, but MTV usually gets you up to speed all day on Saturdays and/or Sundays. I’d check their schedule for the rerun with that type of description.