MTV's fear

I don’t get this show. I realize that standing in a dark, unfamilar room must be scary but what do these kids think could possibly happen to them. I’m sure MTV must go through the places with a fine-toothed comb to make sure its all safe for the show. Plus MTV probably even cleans up the place/decorates it with their own scary props. These kids have camera’s on them all the time what could happen? How much does MTV set up the places in fear?

I haven’t seen much of the show, but I think it all goes back to good ol’ FDR: they have nothing to fear but fear itself. I think they’re just scared that they’re about to get scared/startled. I’ve wondered about this, too, and this is best WAG I can come up with.

Two words: Puffy Combs.

Didn’t JFK say that?

Of course the adventures are safe, unless somebody hyperventilates & passes out at the top of a stairwell. Or somebody might trip & fall as they run like hell to get out of one of their dares. Aside from that, I think it’s a cool show. I love getting the bejezus scared out of me.

I’d love to be one of the “contestants” but I’d probably not qualify since I am well past puberty.

I know there’s nothing that’s going to jump out and kill me in my basement, but at 3am after watching a scary movie and then going down the creaky steps into the cement-walled rooms to get some Doritos when some of the lights don’t work, I still high-tail it back up the stairs. :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen Fear but I’ve heard what it’s about, heh…I doubt they have cameramen sitting right beside them (they probably rig up hidden cameras and junk), so there probably IS some real fear invovled.

No idea what I’m talking about though, as like I say, I haven’t seen the show, heh…

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Nah, JFK said “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country” or something. Someone else said it before him, though.

Of course I was joking…tee…hee…:frowning:

Yeah the way it works is that they have these little cameras attached to themselves so we can see all their cool facial expressions. Theres also these special see-in-the-dark cameras hidden around the rooms. I understand the alone in the dark fear, but some of these contestants are out of their minds. I mean do they think is chasing them? I guess the real question is whether or not ghosts exist but I guess thats a great debate. We could start it here though and someone will probably move it for us. Thats of course if the topic hasn’t already been covered. My opinion is that ghost’s don’t exist because after all these years no one has been able to come up with proof so far.

The show is really stupid. Nothing is gonna happen to these kids and they know it. Did you see that guy who wouldn’t put his head in the noose cause he thought it was gonna hang him? What a moron. Obviously they are not gonna have somebody die on the damn show. They always get people that believe in ghosts and who are gonna get freaked out to be on the show.

They also do some small things to freak the kids out. I cannot verify it but I am sure that they do in the course of their trials. When you get people in a hightend state such as they are, then a small creak can get people freaked.

They got to screen the people as well due to the fact that some people simply cannot get scared in places like they have, no matter what the show or do. I guess it would be a low surprise factor. Plus no one would want to watch a person stroll around humming and doing the stupid tests without so much as a eye blink.

I wouldn’t want to be on the show I would want to produce it.
“Hey let’s freak some college kids out man!”

“Cool but lets get paid to freak some college kids out.”

My understanding is that people audition for the show but they don’t find out if they are going to be on untill just befor they are on. Someone drives up and says “Get in the car you are coming with us for a weekend” So they are practically abducted and thrown in with some strangers and then people start screwing with their heads.
That would be such a great job.
I want to go the the Fox Scariest Places but no one in my family would want to do that.

Well, I would have failed one challenge in that cement factory, for sure; no WAY am I touching a tarantula, much less letting it crawl up my arm. ergh…

      • MTV’s fear is that they will stumble on a tremendous cash machine based on free programming material, and then scuttle it by attempting to segregate programming based on socioeconomic averages while trumpeting their “PC” multicultural image, and have to watch a competitor chip away at their former empire while bloated management insists they frantically manufacture contrived shallow material themselves.
        You mean that show.
        Sorry, haven’t seen it. - MC

Kgriffey: How do you know? Are you the director, or the one who does the interviews? Also, they do have people who dont believe in ghosts. Darrell comes to mind.

I do however think the people who think MTVis going to ask them to do something that will get them killed are morons. At least in the last one, the blonde chick actually went through with the dare without freaking out thinking she’d get killed.

Some of the stunts are staged, like at the Mental institution one, the blood on the floor of the blood room was fake (i thought it odd no one cleaned up the floor after the woman got killed), and in the tunnel of echoes, the spider webs were apparently hung on very thin wires.

But, I like the show. You see genuine fear in these kid’s faces. That’s what the show is about, not if the place is haunted. They have to overcome their fears to get the money.

      • I dunno, I see some potential here. Maybe get them some US soldier outfits complete with rifles but no ammo, and then put them on a C-130 and fly it around in circles above the clouds for eight hours or so. Land in the desert southwest US and tell them it’s the middle eastern country of Elsovonia, and they have to ride along with “real” soldiers, who are doing patrols of the area. Then you just need a few hundred towel-headed extras, some special effects so that the soldiers get “shot”, and the kiddies have to do - something. Maybe have an undie-cam, when masses of towelheads “invade”, firing blanks.
        Kind of a ‘Pete Seeger Lost Weekend’.
  • Or, maybe, make them be DMV workers! With the ugly uniforms and everything. Put them in a big [fake] office with no windows, and then have them file forms—for hours. After 6 hours, tell them it’s only been 3. After 8 hours, tell them it’s only been 4. After 12 hours, tell them it’s only been 6. See how long they can be strung along. Record their conversations with hidden video and mics.
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