Mueller & Trumps Taxes- Does he have them?

Do we know if Mueller has ever gotten or requested Trumps tax returns? Maybe Cohen had copies. If not, can he legally obtain them? They might add alot of light on the Trump v. Putin situation.

Of course he has them. Mueller just had to get an ex parte order from a judge, the IRS gives them to him, and Tump is not notified.

ETA: cite

Your cite says “probably”, not “of course”. And it also says:

I’d bet that Mueller has had Trump’s tax returns since Comey handed them to him.

Well, it spells out how easy it is to get them, and how we would have no notification through official channels. So while it’s speculation, Mueller would have to be incompetent NOT to have them, and I don’t get the impression that Mueller is incompetent, since the investigation is going into money laundering areas.

And Aspenglow is right - Comey would have had to be pretty incompetent if he didn’t have them, or at least have started the process, back when he was the guy in charge.