Mule Skinner Blues

I know there are a ton of versions of this song, dating back to the 1930s. But for this thread, which is the better version:

Dollyor The Fendermen.

Obviously Dolly, but I did the courtesy of listening to the other version.

Mule Skinner Blues without a genuine yodel? The song was originally titled Blue Yodel #8. The Fenderman sound like Spike Jones.

For reference, here’s Jimmie Rogers’ version from 1930. He wrote it, he did the original recording of it. That’s where you start.

As much as I like Dolly, the Fendermen version is such goofy fun. Really love it.

As usual, Dolly screeches like a freakin’ air raid siren. Other than her two obvious assets, I’m at a loss to see why humanity tolerates her. :mad:

I love this post! And thank you, kunilou, for pointing me towards Jimmie Rogers.

JR notwithstanding, it’s the Fendermen. Glorious riotous madness.


Come on, people! It may not be the greatest song in the world, but it *may *be.

If only 12 people have an opinion on which of these two versions of Mule Skinner Blues is better, Putin has truly taken over the America I know and love. It’s time to vote and show the world Russia hasn’t taken control of the stuff that truly matters in Cafe Society.

Both of them are pretty bad. Shame there’s no option for neither.

Jimmie Rodgers is better than either.

This is so much fun, I must chime in with this version:

the cat Mary: Blue Yodel #8 (Muleskinner Blues)

It’s a bit different.

I must immediately confess that this is one I was involved in: I was the the piano player in that band. I guess this may smack of naked self-promotion, but let me assure you this band is long since broken up and its members spread to the wind, and I never received—nor would I ever at this point expect to receive—a penny for random stuff online that may somehow still be buyable or streamable.

Please criticize at will!

Oh, and Dolly for the win!

So are Roy Acuff and Bill Monroe’s versions.

The Fendermen’s version is one of the songs that made me the man I am today, so there’s no contest for myself. I love ya Dolly, but you’re no match for two men plugged into the same amp. Such a sweet two-guitar attack.

I sing that bastard in the shower pretty often! I sing it to my dog in the morning too, but he doesn’t seem to understand it.

ETA: Seriously, this is one of my favorite songs. I can listen to anyone sing it.

Let me just say: I understand these aren’t necessarily the best versions of the song, or the versions of the song that you as a music aficionado might prefer. But they are the most commercially successful versions, so that’s why I limited this thread to them.

That being said: The Fendermen’s version is the version I cut my teeth on. It’s the version my dad introduced me to. It’s one of those nutty, bizarre pieces of music that just sticks with me. I heard Dolly’s on the radio earlier this week, and had I not grown up on The Fendermen’s verion, I would absolutely be in love with her version. Listening to Dolly’s version with my daughter (her first time hearing it), and I sorta heard it with her little ears; she was enthralled and so was I. I mean, watch her in this! Wowza.

Still. The Fendermen got my vote, get my vote and will always get my vote on this song. It’s just so fun to listen to.

Dolly is in great voice there, and the arrangement is good, but I’m not a fan of her spoken ad libs. So I voted for the cornball duo.

A year or so ago, I was disappointed to discover that almost no one at my job was familiar with Muleskinner Blues. People would come into work and say, “Good morning Mr. Houtham,” and I’d sing, “Good morning Captain! Hey hey.” Eventually that led to me surveying 10 or 15 people — no one knew the song.