Multi-state area names

Obscure title, no? In any event…the area where Arkansas and Oklahoma touch is often called “Arklahoma.” Further south near Texas, people refer to “ArkLaTex.” So, dopers, any similar appellative mangings in or near your states?

Delmarva peninsula.

Delaware Maryland Va (Virginia)

The DelMarVa peninsula, consisting of parts of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.

Seems to be the morning for simulposts…

Appears to be the morning for simulposts…

The Colorado Plateau.

A while back (before my time here), there was a movement to call the greater Charlotte area “Metrolina,” but it seems to have died down to an affectation now.

I lived in Texas for 30 years and never heard of those but i will take your word. Don’f for get Texarkana and Lake Texhoma. Ya’ll

You actually hear this most on local media (“Serving the ArkLaTex area for over 30 years…”) or in chamber of commerce puff pieces. Personally I hate them.:mad:

I’m not sure if the OP is specifically requesting regions identified by literally combining parts of state names, but in case they aren’t we of course have “New England” and also “The Mid-Atlantic States”

More like the OP, for regions within a state, there’s probably many. Here in Mass. we have “Arlmont” as the neighborhood straddling Arlington and Belmont.

And in the case of “Ore-Ida” it’s even a trademark!

Don’t forget Akron Ohio, which is the capital of West Virginia :slight_smile:

The northern Indiana, southern Michigan area is called “Michiana”.

On the California side of the Mexican border is a town called “Calexico.” Directly across the border is the Mexican town of “Mexicali.” I love it!

Ore-Ida = Oregon/Idaho?

Are they even near each other?

As soon as I saw the thread title I thought of ArkLaTex. There are a couple of billboards with that written on it to name the region the business serves, on I-20 between Shreveport, LA and Longview, TX. Of course, once you’re more into the Longview metro area (anyone who lives around there is probably laughing at me for using that term for it but it’s a big city by my standards) the ArkLaTex disappears in favor of EVERY DAMN BUSINESS going on about how it’s in East Texas. EasTex Earth Moving Equipment! EasTex Trucking Co! Thingy Of East Texas!

Sorry, that stuff always tickles me.

The power company up thisaways (check my location field) is Niagara Mohawk, commonly shortened to NiMo.

The ArkLaTex is also called the Four States Area because it is close to Oklahoma as well. They have a Four States Fair and Rodeo at the Four States Fairground. In fact I just got back from an action packed weekend in Texarkana (and there was much rejoicing).

Best one I’ve heard is the Alabama / Florida Panhandle coast… the REDNECK RIVIERA!

Yes and of course yes. But this gives me a chance to give another trademarked combo-name: Cal-Neva. Resort casinos, 1 or more of which were (are?) exactly on the Cal.-Nev. border. Been to the one on the S. end of Lake Tahoe. Slot machines on one side, postcards on the other. Frank Sinatra was supposed to have been an investor.

El Paso, Texas + Las Cruces, New Mexico + Juarez, Chihuahua = The Borderlands. The Las Cruces metro area alone is “the Mesilla Valley.”

Erie and Niagara County, New York (Buffalo/Amherst/Niagara Falls) + Regional Municipality of Niagara, Ontario (Niagara Falls/St. Catharines/Welland) = Greater Niagara. Canadians and Americans used to have different terms to describe the area on both sides of the Niagara River was “Niagara Frontier” among Americans, and just plain “Niagara and the States” among Canadians.

I guess this could be thrown out there, since I know of at least three states (TX, OK, and FL) where weatherguessers frequently refer to “the panhandle”.

Any other panhandles out there? (I know NM has one, but it’s too damn small to support the rest of the state!)

Panhandles are also found in Alaska and Idaho. There was an old National Lampoon piece about “Panhandle Airlines” and the flight map showed routes only to the panhandles of various states.