Multi-Tool Advice

I am looking for a multi-tool.

I need:

[li]a tool the size of a Leatherman Micra (tiny)[/li][li]It must have pliers, needle-nose by preference[/li][li]it should have small folding scissors[/li][li]it should have a knife blade.[/li][li] no Swiss Army Knives, as I already have one.[/li][li] a nail file would be nice, but I can live without it,[/li][/ol]

Dopers–who makes this ideal multi-tool?

Leatherman Squirt PS4.

I use mine all the time. There’s no wasted space or useless tools. The spring on the scissors broke, but other than that it’s held up well.

Sage advice, Young Jedi! :slight_smile:

Disregard the below post. I just assumed the tool had a knife. It doesn’t!

Wandered into this thread because I also want those features.

This guy looks pretty good too and is slightly lighter. + carabiner clip if that matters to you.

Nailed it in one. My Squirt is always in my pocket. Indispensible.