Multiple computer mice

Does anybody know if it is possible to have more than one computer mouse hooked up to a computer (it’s running Windows '98 btw). The reason I ask is because one of them is wireless and I like to use it from across the room but when I’m at the desk, I really appreciate the third button and the scroll wheel. Thanks.

Sure, I have hooked up PS-2 and serial com port mice at once and alternatively USB and PS-2 mice at once. You get two mice cursors on the screen at once and both work.


You get two mouse cursors? That’s odd. I currently have two mice plugged in (USB and PS/2). For me, the two mice control the same cursor. If you try to move them in opposite directions, the cursor pretty much stays still, as the polling software gets conflicting directions. But if you’re only going to use one or the other, as I suspect JCL1013 is, it’ll work just fine.

My Thinkpad 600E I’m typing on right now has two mice - the “clitoris” mouse, and a normal one. One cursor, both move it.

I have both a USB mouse and a PS/2 mouse hooked up: one cursor.

I also have a USB keyboard and a PS/2 keyboard installed, as well: no problems.

One cursor, and two mice moving it.

…and the start of a rodent problem. (sorry, couldn’t resist! ;))

If you like, you can also configure your screen to have 2 desktops, and switch between them, with one mouse assigned to each. This is mainly used with a C executable debugger card.

Yes! You see I’ve got this special system where…Oops! Oh damn! I dropped my crack pipe!

OY! How embarrassing!! I don’t know what I was thinking.
That’s the only excuse I can come up with for that hallucination. I must have been reading the LSD thread too long. Two mice - only one cursor moves. That’s the way it REALLY worked for me.