Multiple deaths in shooting at Molson Coors in Milwaukee

No numbers yet, tho.

5 people killed plus the shooter is dead.

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It’s always terrible.

Horrible news.

CNN link

The shooter was an employee who shot five people to death before killing himself.


Right? Take yourself out if you insist, but you don’t get to ruin other people’s lives because you’re a sad piece of shit.

Sadly, it seems you indeed do get to do that if you so choose.


Most don’t take out a bunch of others with them, but a few will. I think the better response is to offer more help to the 47,000+ people who kill themselves in the United States every year and not refer to the suicidal as sad pieces of shit.

From Yahoo! News:

So, paranoid and “enjoyed building guns”. Yeah, that’s not a bad combination.

It’s not necessarily paranoid to think the employer is conducting surveillance of a person claiming work related disability. It’s not uncommon.

It would be great to offer help to all that need it, but many that need it don’t believe they do, or aren’t aware help is available. I don’t want to blame “society not helping” when messed up people mess up the lives of the innocent.

IMHO, it would be more likely the employer’s insurance company rather than the employer itself.

Usually. But an employer as big as Molson Coors might be self insured. Also, few people make that distinction.

I’ve never been suicidal, but I’d assume they wouldn’t want to be conflated with mass murderers just to score rhetorical points.

Here we go again … this is becoming all too common of an occurrence.