Multiple major US newspapers hit by cyberattack

My local newspaper does not appear to have been affected by this, the origin of which I last heard has not been located, but it’s affecting millions of people.

Do any of you subscribe to dead-tree newspapers, and were you affected by this.

Makes me wonder who and what is next. :mad:

It’s obviously the work of the GDPR Liberation Army.

Apparently there are contingency plans to use all available blank physical media to write down the news.

Early reports are that it was a type of ransomware. Apparently it hit an LA Times printing facility, which disrupted other papers that shared that production facility. Anonymous reports say that it was the Ryuk malware, which is typically used by a criminal group that targets organizations that are very sensitive to downtime. Bring the printing press to a halt and demand money to restore service. Not a bad trick.

There’s no solid evidence yet that this was a state sponsored attack, or politically motivated. My money is on plain old crooks, until more information comes out.