Mundane challenge - to make a tiny rubber thing stay in a tiny metalic hole.

I am not sure where to put this so move it if necesary, thanks.
Out of habit I would insert and remove the rubber cover from the headphone port on my mobile phone. As a result, the rubber cover no longer stays put. I can put it back in but it is out again in seconds.
If I do not solve this problem the sight of it will drive me insane. And I may take drastic measures.

Removing the rubber cover from the phone is not an option, it is an expensive phone. Glueing the cap in place is not an option, as I may need to use the headphone port one day.

The phone is a Samsung SGH-t100.

My life depends on it.

Shroud the offending widget in a layer or two of Saran Wrap to resize it again. It should keep in place just fine.

Forgive my Britishness. “Saran Wrap”, is that the same as cling-film?

Yes. Please let me know if it works as I have other suggestions.