Mundane + pointless + 38yrs.

I have a story to share along the ‘what a weird day’ line.

Truth is I gotta tell someone!

Friday I get a call from a guy I haven’t heard from in 38yrs, not since I left high school. He was part of a small group of 6 or so, who hung together, including myself. He was the first of us to partner, marry, house, career, success! Or so I’d heard, I didn’t really much care about staying connected to any of my highschool chums, as it was a circle of hell for me. I moved to another city and never looked back. I would never think of going to a reunion, to be honest, I was happy to be rid of the place.

So, it turns out he’s in town at a convention, wants to stop by so we can catch up, after it’s all done. He comes by about 9:30pm, shakes hands with my hubby, I make tea, we sit talking on the patio, while hubby surfs on his computer.

We talk for about an hour and it goes pretty predictably. His wife, kids, interests, achievements, pursuits, etc. My travels, daughter, grandson. He tells me about people I haven’t thought of in decades, etc., etc. It was pleasant enough, and I was curious to see him after talking to him on the phone. But as I’m not much interested in ever doing such a thing, (I’m an ‘ever forward’ sort of girl, by nature!), it was certainly something I couldn’t quite understand.

Finally, he’s got to get going, we get up, move through the house. We hug a couple of times, saying ‘It’s been nice!’, etc. He shakes hands with hubby on our way to the front porch, where we chat a little more, including an insincere, ‘If you’re ever in town again…!’, one last hug and…

The fellow suddenly puts me in the clench and attempts to lays a big wet one on me!:eek::mad::dubious:WTF? Up until this very second the entire thing has been casual, comfortable, easy. WTF?

You need to know; I’d been cleaning my house all day for company on the weekend, and had not changed my clothes. I had no make up on, as I hardly wear it. While I am slim, and short, have long not yet grey hair, I am a 56yr old woman! That’s right, 56yrs old!

I repeat, WTF? What the hell is wrong with people?

(I did not share the final twist things took, with hubby, I was too embarrassed. And really, what would be the point?)

Ahahaha! You have to think that this dude went his whole life carrying a torch for you, and he always told himself, "Man, if I ever see her again, I’m going to lay one one her!’ And he did! Kinda creepy, sure, but hopefully he got it out of his system and you’ll never see him again.



Oh, you look great.

Yeah, so do you.

Oh, easy there, easy there.*
Heh, yeah, like Alice says he’s been torchin’ for you for 38 years now and all he could see Friday, despite your description, was elbows at 17. Sure you don’t want to catch the next reunion? There’ll be cake, music, groping and long delayed professions of unrequited love.

And you thought the parking lot was busy during the prom…

Gak! Who *does *this? Without even *asking *first?? You’re married… he’s married… there are kids and apparently grandkids… :eek:

What a jerkbuttwad.

My thoughts exactly!

I’m having a hard time believing he’s been torching all this time. He has a happy and successful family and life, to hear him tell it. And I live in another city, there is zero contact for 38yrs. I am flabbergasted, truly.

One hardly believes anything can reach back, from 38yrs ago, to start with. And then to deal with such things at the age of 56yrs? Words fail me!

The point would be it’s better to hear it from you than from anyone else. Your husband deserves to know what this old “friend” is capable of.

I can understand why you say that, certainly. But it just seems entirely unnecessary to me. All that will come of it will be a lot of teasing that I’ll have to explain, and I’d prefer not to repeat this story, thanks.

There is no doubt that my husband has confidence in my ability to manage relationships and boundaries without him. And small girls learn pretty early how to get out of ‘the clench’, (see: username!:D), so that wasn’t really an issue.

And I don’t foresee another encounter, ever!

I guess the bottom line is, is this something that your husband would want to know? If so, then you should tell him.

I think the very first thing I would do after the dude left is tell my husband, because when crazy things happen in my life, he’s the first person I tell!

I don’t know how he would react, but tell him I would.

I was just dumbstruck, flabbergasted and taken aback, I couldn’t really speak. It took me a few moments to really process it. Plus, he was watching a movie, and kind of into it. If it was anything of any importance I would most certainly have told him. But it’s just so insignificant and stupid. Besides he’ll be indifferent, and I will be teased, so I haven’t told him. I might though, I guess.

When it didn’t happen at the moment, it seemed so silly and insignificant afterward, telling him seemed pointless.

Ha! I was thinking the same thing.

Reflecting on the wisdom of Cat Whisperer and jsgoddess, I did tell my husband, the bit about the twist at the end. With somewhat surprising results.

As I’ve shared the story with a few friends, I find myself, repeating, and seemingly stuck on, “I’m 56yrs old, damn it!” Like somehow that’s the worst part? I can’t explain why really, when asked.

First hubby wanted to know if I kneed him in the cahones or maybe slapped him. But in one swift motion I had pulled away, unclenched, stepped inside, and closed the door on him. (Some learning never goes away, apparently!)

He mostly laughed while I ranted about, ‘What’s wrong with people!’, etc. A little of the, ‘you still look young and attractive though’, loving husband obligatory comeback, to which I responded with, “Appreciate the effort but please! I am 56yrs old!”

He was quiet while I continued with how baffling I found all this, how off guard it had caught me, etc, etc. Then we shifted to another topic. As I predicted he’s not too concerned, just finds it amusing.

Then he gets up to take his leave, comes over to give me a peck, as always. Instead pulls me in close, and in a low voice says, “If I was him I’d have done the same damn thing!” and plants a big wet one on me.:smiley:

I near swooned, I did!

Proof that the wisdom of Cat Whisperer and jsgoddess ought never be ignored. I bow down to you both!

Love that! Way to go, elbows’ husband.

Awwww! :slight_smile:

Way to go, indeed! You got a good one there, elbows. :slight_smile: